I was born too late!!

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    This is from 1955
    womens duties.jpg
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    Sadly this was my father's view on marriage. Theirs was not a partnership.
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    I fondly remember those days, she has put up with a lot from me & UPS over the last 35 years. Now I get to do the cooking while she works. I'm allowed to do some laundry too.
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    I like the third on on the left, "Be a little more gay and a little more interesting..."

    In todays terms does that mean, "If he's not interested anymore, bring home a good looking female friend and let him watch?":devil3:

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    I know where you're coming from. My Dad was awfully cruel when he spoke to Mom sometimes and I've often tried to talk to both but his "I'm King of this Castle" is deeply ingrained. I'm thinking of having my Mom move in with me and see how my Dad survives after being years of being catered to (not to get specific).
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    Mom passed in 1980 and Dad this past December. Divorce was not an option as people from their generation "stayed together for the kids". I think "the kids" often times would be better off if they did divorce.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Just look at the Chris Brown-Rhianna story on the news lately, I know its off course a bit but just shows how some women are blind to abuse. You can bet this is not the first time this has happened and how the news of them reconciling and possible nuptials is mind boggling.
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    Show that to the wife and this may be on your headstone:
    He was born too late
    and died too early!! :knockedout:
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    Where has all the good music gone to?

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    Real music is dead. Love the old stuff. You can actually hear the lyrics. :happy-very:
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    Speaking of the good old days, here are a few fine ones...



    So everybody, let's go on the Tapeworm Diet!

    Have a great day!