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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Tom Delaney, Jul 21, 2014.

  1. Tom Delaney

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    Local 701 Machinist in Chicago voted the UPS contract offer down. 85% of the membership voted to strike
  2. Like guess you guys don't want to be in Teamcare then.
  3. Who in their right mind would give away the company plan for a plan that does not compare? Stop drinking the HOFFA kool aid bo

  4. Are you drug free?
  5. The Milkman

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    The YES voters would.........
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    Our local did not even allow our Union Steward to suggest his issues or anyone else in our shop. When I did talk to our BA he was a little hostile about questioning their decisions. When I asked about Aetna that we had he stated that they did not even try to see if we could keep it. Now with everyone claiming UPS is not in the insurance buisness, Obama care states they have to offer it by law to all of their non-union employees so they will still have insurance available. I have family that work for UPS also not in a union. Also does anyone know how many IAM people are on the total count?
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    If 7000 is a good number you would think the IAM could get a better plan with that many people joining a insurance plan. :)
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    I would trade for Teamcare and your 8k a month pension.
  9. Impact77

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    Well that shouldn't mean we should take the abuse too
  10. That pension is great but it's totally ridiculous and very irresponsible.
  11. The funny thing is that we are a shipping company and we make money hand over fist for this company. We get 3000 to 4000 a month for a pension.
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    why does it keep saying I have a sneaky URL!! Any news on contact?
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    1363 said it passed. Information from steward.
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    But if you were getting it, it wouldn't be, right?
  15. I'm not so whatever I say has little meaning but here goes. If I was supposed to get 6700 a month in pension I would bank the majority of it. In the back of my mind I would be think that at that dollar amount eventually it will become unsustainable. As a driver that makes money hand over fist for this company when I see those pensions it makes me scratch my head a little and leaves a bad taste in my mouth but I still think it's great for them.