IAM/ UPS NATIONAL AGREEMENT DUE by 7-31-2024. Strike authorized.


How many do you think would cross? I'm only asking because there is still a lot of people unset they are laid off across the country and lots that were worried it might get to them.
You are quite correct...hope it doesn't happen but there stripping us of our pension that we've paid into our entire lives you know you can only try to plan for the inevitable... i don't think of just my self but the retires before me with Noone paying in to there pension just think about the consequences for them...I've got some time left I'll manage but I'm dying inside


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No we're not okay like reaching inside somebody and pulling their guts out... guys that were looking to retire in the next 5 years are stuck here for another nine younger one's not vested into our pension just spent all that money on nothing just goes away disappears guys that have worked here with less than 10 years can't draw anything until they're 65 new contract reads were all required to work 30 years of service before we can even think about retiring
oh and get ready to start paying more for your health care
Teamsters struck a hell of a deal last contract and we're getting the shaft...
Hope you all have our backs Lord knows we had yours.
What is your job function, I’m not familiar with IAM?
Edit- never mind I read through the posts.


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