If It Can Happen To ABF....

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    ABF Teamsters to Vote on Concessions | Teamsters for a Democratic Union

    Take a look at some of these concessions. Loss of vacations. Increased subcontracting. Makes it much easier to fire employees. Local grievance hearings eliminated. Supervisors can work.

    If this is anyone's idea of union leadership, we are in big trouble. All it takes is one or two bad quarterly results from UPS before the next contract and we will all be looking similar concessions.

    The fact of the matter is, our leadership is demonstrating that it has little spine when it comes to standing up to a rocky situation.

    If this were a strictly financial hardship, then why are they going after terminations? Why are they increasing wages down the line after immediately reducing wages by 7%? Why eliminating local hearings? Why allow supervisors to perform bargaining work?

    Let me guess...this is all a TDU hoax? Stink? 407? Is this all a lie?

    No? Then someone explain where the national leadership is on this negotiation.

    Because if it is this easy to conduct a fire sale when the numbers go a little south, then you better bet your ass we will be next, and whoever is leading us will take similar stand.

    After that, we are all F%*&cked....
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    I know that Yellow/Roadway were doing so bad that they couldn't make payments to the Pension Plan, I'm not sure if ABF is in the same boat. I have an ABF driver that I deliver to, sometimes we talk about the union, neither one of us is happy with our current so-called leaders. I have a couple of ex-CF drivers on my area, they tried to go to work one day and the gates were padlocked.
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    I can almost understand some of the economic concessions, as awful as they are. But the language givebacks are just a cluster:censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:. Using technology to fire workers for "stealing time"? I'm glad I don't work at ABF.
  4. Dracula

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    That's kind of the point of the post. If economics are horrible, you're gonna take a hit. YRC definitely did. But why the give backs on firings, and hires off the street, and eliminating local hearings? All of you Hoffa priests, I'm curious to know what you're thinking about all of this. No judgments, just wondering what you think. Is this good? Is this bad? Is this what we pay dues for?

    Please tell....
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    First off, ABF isn't just having a bad quarter. There are some serious issues there. One question, given the facts of ABF's economic downturn, should these workers hold out with the possibility of potential strike or major downsizing?
    Beyond that, I am not totally familiar with their contract agreement. I will take a look at it though and give you an opinion.
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    You must not be a TDU member. You actually do some research before forming an opinion or coming to a conclusion.
  7. Coldworld

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    thank The Lord they don't do that kind of thing over at united parcel...lol
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    I agree that those kind of givebacks are horrible, however that company is dying. In 2011 for the entire year their net profit was only 7.7 million. The whole year profit/loss for last year was a net LOSS of 7.7 million. That's not just a bad quarter but rather a net loss for the entire year. And for the first quarter alone of 2013...drum roll....$13.4 Million net LOSS just for the first quarter...

    With that in mind, I'm sure IBT is bargaining to protect its members as much as possible while trying to make sure they still have a company for which to work.
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    Dracula, ABF is dying, not just a couple of bad quarters. And for concessions of this sort to be pushed to us, UPS would have to be in an extended slide-like 10-12 quarters-while FedEx, especially Ground, gains enough to be roughly equal to UPS, with no signs of slowing down.
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    Thanks man. That's been my whole issue with them. They take the "news broadcast" philosophy by trying to get the info out way too fast that they either present it inaccurately or an outright lie.
    I'd rather be second and correct than first and dead wrong.