If u bid a route...take it!!!

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    Peak season is comming to an end...but bidding season is getting ready to start. There are way too many Monty Halls in our center! (1960s-1970s game show host) If you dont want the same route everyday...just pass on your bid. but if you bid on a route and dont take it why do you waste everybodys time and cause more headaches for everyone else? We have several guys whom never seen there route!!!! because they are too busy taking the call. If you want to be fulltime come to work..if not give someone else a chance.
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    Hey bud, seniority has it's advantages. One of them is irritating those below you.
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    I can't seem to find that in our contract anywhere. I guess that's why I irritate those above me right back. :happy-very:
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    I bet you irritate above and below !:wink2:
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    all I was trying to say is if you dont want a route..dont take it..thats all...there are way too many teachers pet at work! and they are the first ones to get in trouble and want the rest of us to drop our grievances to bail them out!!!! be a team player..not an A..hole!!!!
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    You can use the grievance procedure to force drivers who bid route to run them. They will either run it or the route goes back up for bid. We had issues in our center last year with this, it has now been curb stomped.
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    Great advice. Grow a set men and correct the problem.
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    It's written all over your contract. The OP only sees his view from his seniority date. With time, his view will change, like it has for all of us. No one said being the green horn was a bed of roses. Buck up and pay your dues. Trust me, you're not irritating those above you.
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    The OP does have a valid point. If you bid a route you should come to work on a regular basis and run the route----if you don't want to work every day then by-pass the bid and work as a cover driver. I'm sure there are drivers below you who would love to work on a daily basis and would gladly sign the bid sheet.

    This is why I would love to see a revision in my center's "dead day" policy. Currently our center manager does not require that you use all of your personal time before taking "dead days". I would like to see it revised to make drivers use personal time first before being able to take a "dead day". We have drivers who regularly take "dead days" yet bitch when they are unable to schedule a paid day off later on in the year.

    I would also like to see the annual pension credit hours minimum raised from the current 1,000 to 1,800 with a sliding scale of partial pension credit for hours below 1,800. This would help to curb "dead days".
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    I irritate below but i hear they have medication for that...

    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

    Amen to that! Got many in my center. Damn c#ck blockers is what they are.
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    1800 hours?!?!?! I'm over 2600 now.
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    I approve of this post, thoughtful for everyone envolved with regards to seniority, addressing pension credits for those who choose to work less, they receive less, and burning option 3 days first to avoid conflicts later when someone else wants the same day off as a "dead day a week" guy.
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    Will upstate be able to control his "spelling police" side. Jekyll/Hyde kind of thing.
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    I'm not understanding the question....

    are you complaining about bid drivers getting a "lay-off" and having to cover that route for a day???
  16. Jackburton

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    No, he's saying if you bid a route, you need to run it instead of say running some split route or going home for the day while a cover driver runs the bid. Basicly sucking up a permanent route that someone who wants to work everyday on the same route could run.
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    thats why there are cover drivers....

    mgt will ask if I want a day off, that we have extra drivers... sure, if I can afford a day without pay
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    Doing this 2-3 days a week coupled with the fact these other drivers run other split routes is the issue. I still don't understand if people want more days off, why not bid cover?
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    I'll see your 2600 and raise it to 2875!
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    I'd rather do one route a week, than do 5