Bid route protection?

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    is there anything in the contract about a bid route being changed drastically? I know when you sign a bid it says” extreme change” what do they deem extreme? Or is just their way to do whatever they want? Ever since seasonals started my route has basically become a split run. I get about 30 -40 of my normal stops and pick ups. Then the rest of my work is moved to a seasonal and I get 70-80 stops off another route..oh this was good too I got put in another truck because the seasonals need the GPS. Must be nice to be a new seasonal. Getting the royal treatment.
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    I believe if your route has changed over 50 percent you can bid on something else.
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    The new terminology is you don't bid a route. Its a position in a loop. Gives them a bigger excuse to keep changing it. They have to keep at least half of it like it was on the bid sheet but within those limits they can screw it up all they want.
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    It would depend on your supplmental/Local rider. With out knowing which one you're under you'll get many different answers.
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    Central States
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    Screenshot_20190619-172616_Adobe Acrobat.jpg
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    If it changes more than 50% you can follow it

    If you have the seniority to do so
  8. Saca La

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    Who uses that gps?!?
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    Apparently all the seasonals can’t get 40 stops off with out them ‍♂️
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    Me. Extra OT and a good laugh sometimes. Couple extra left turns = $$... but Orion never does that LOL
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    Central Region.