If you work at worldport and live in or around louisville?

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  1. wizard

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    How do you like your job? Is louisville a nice place to live? Do you think I could transfer there and at least keep my seniority? I live on the west coast and would like to get closer to ny, my folks live there and im tired of flying 5-6 hours to see them and spending 1,000s on plane tickets. Any feedback would be appreciated thanks
  2. DS

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    Transfer to New York and pay$0.00 for plane tickets.Send me the $1,000s of dollars and I`ll be your financial advisor,OK?:laugh:
    Never been to Louisville but I know they have a HUGE hub.
    I`ve been through Kentucky though and its beautiful country.
  3. cental34

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    It sounds like we have identical plans. I'm going to attempt to transfer to Louisville this coming summer to attend the University of Louisville. As far as I know, the only way to transfer and keep your seniority is for educational purposes. Otherwise you have to be rehired.

    From what I've looked at Louisville, it seems like it'll be a niec place to live. About half the size of Memphis. 7th safest city in America. Doesn't seem to bad to me.
  4. wizard

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    DS I dont ever want to live in NY again!! So I will hold out for more responses here I hope. :thumbup1:
  5. Dfigtree

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    DS, You better research community property states versus common law states. If wizard has conjured up some assets, you may have a lot of work to do.

    As for Louisville, no kosher deli's in the whole darm place. Your call on that.
  6. RetiredandLovingIT

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    Louisville is an excellent place to live! UPS here in Louisville offers excellent career opportunities and pretty much unlimited advancement. Two thumbs up for sure...:thumbup1:
  7. moreluck

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    Financial Planner...

    Stevens & Stevens Deli
    1114 Bardstown Rd.
    Louisville, KY 40204


    Rubins Kosher Restaurant (no address listed)
  8. wizard

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    Current Upser can you pm me please? Ild like to ask some more info thanks
  9. wizard

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    CurrentUpser please Pm me I have more questions.
  10. Overpaid Union Thug

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    That hub pays for school (completely, which is better than most hubs' "Earn and Learn" program). The requirement is that you have to work on the midnight shift. That is something like 10:30pm-2:30 am. I think you have to go to a certain college near there but I may be wrong.

    That hub is going to be adding a butt load of jobs (part-time and full-time) in the near future so you could take advantage of that if you are there.
  11. UPS Lifer

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    Just got back from visiting my father-in-law. We have had ties to SDF since '77. My father-in-law used to be buddies with Vern Cormie who was the President of UPS Airline. (I was constantly getting info from him about the airport)

    I have made some visits and have compared the cost of living to the west coast where I live and find it MUCH more than reasonable. (Housing, resturants, etc.) The people at the resturants are polite and respectful. I was pleasently surprised on this last trip:thumbup1:

    The traffic isn't bad either (of course - I am from gridlock city on the west coast)!

    You get 4 seasons but the seasons are milder than other parts of the country. Also UPS has a great reputation. We are one of the largest employers in SDF. Job opportunities are abundant - especially at Worldport.
    I used to work at the West Coast Regional Air Hub and many people moved up the ranks at SDF and move on to higher positions at the other Regional Air Hubs.

    As far as transferring....If you can show you are registered for classes at a local college you may get preference....get with your HR department go to the manager if necessary to get answers.

    I could live there if they had red rocks....unfortunately they don't. (But they do have Louisville Slugger and the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green and a nice deli "McAllisters" on Hearstborne Ln that does serve great kosher pickles:thumbup1:
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  12. vin

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    The only way of doing a transfer is for educational purposes, and you have to show that you are enrolled or accepted at a local school near where you are transferring to, and there must be a position available. I have heard they will do a hardship transfer, although they only do it in extremely rare circumstances. In either case you lose your seniority if you will be ion a different local (you would be able to keep your seniority if you stayed in your local, but just transferred to another location). You will be able to keep your current rate of pay and years of service with the company for vacation purposes.
  13. hoser

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    and then you'll spend that much to fly to ottawa! :w00t:

    :lol::lol: HAIL KENTUCKY!
  14. RockyRogue

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    LOL...Never been to Kentucky but lived most of my life in the Midwest. Missouri is nice, Tennessee is OK. What I've seen of Ohio is mostly interstate but it was fairly pretty, too. -Rocky
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    oops, somehow posted on wrong thread.