Illegals at UPS

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  1. Sammie

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    Hope this isn't the tip of the iceberg. With the massive numbers of part timers we go through, I would think it difficult to run a complete check on every ss#... But what choice is there these days?

    ICE Raids UPS Supply Chain Solutions & Spherion, Arrests 51 Workers
  2. tieguy

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    The article says the employees had fradulant social security cards. If so then it would be real easy to get hired. We recquire a valid social security card and photo ID to legally be able to hire someone.
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    Tie - this slightly off topic but I learned something new while attending a recently panel hearing.

    New employees must check off a box indicating whether they have been convicted of a felony regardless of circumstance when applying for employment. The point being meaning of "regardless of circumstance". Legally, an individual that has their record cleared of a felony would be under no obligation to report the conviction. If an employer conducted a background check, the report would come back has clear of felonies. However, the company has the ability through TSA to check felony convictions that have been expunged and sealed from an individuals record.

    If an employee files an application by legally answering questions and company hires that individual, should the company be allowed to terminate an employee for falsification of records. They had the ability to determine whether the employee failed to list expunged felonies before they were hired.

    Relating to this case, the IRS reports non-matching name/SSN to employers. Either UPS or Spherion knew that illegals were employed.

    Your thoughts
  4. satellitedriver

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    What happen to the background check I had to have to get to be a seasonal hire? Arrest records/ driving violations ect... . In today's internet abilities, even an old man like me could easily identify someones past history. I guess we are too busy writing up reports on why a pkg wasn't sheeted than be concerned who is loading the pkg on a trailer. If UPS and Homeland Security do not communicate to each other, they should.
  5. satellitedriver

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    Please excuse my ignorance.
    Who or what is TSA?
    From what little I know, an expunged felony is one that has been reduced to a lesser charge by a judge's decision and all records would not show a felony conviction.
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    TSA- Transportation Security Administration (Or Agency?) Part of Homeland Security.

    Expunged Felony- From my Law Enforcement days, the Judge ordering a conviction "Expunged" ordered all records of the arrest and conviction destroyed.
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    i hired for a couple of years and though it has not been recent i never saw the irs ever come back with an invalid ss# so I can't really say that they do a good or bad job at it. I think its a leap to say that ups knew about it. I think anyone could get throught the doors with a falsified ss card if we are not running background checks. In the case of the SCS where we contract services for others we may have decided or the customer may have decided that background checks were an unnecessary expense. Hard to say.

    As for TSA records I believe most employees would be subjected to our normal outsourced background check. The exception would be anyone applying for an airport job.

    Hiding a felony is a catch22 as I'm sure you know. Admit to the felony and you probably won't be hired. Hide it and discovery leads to your discharge.
  8. satellitedriver

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    Thanks for the info.
    Interesting that "destroyed" records can be resurrected.
    I guess I should watch what I say or do from now on.
    Nah, I will just keep hiding in the open.
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    I know you can have records sealed and they won't come up on a routine (cheapy) background check, but for extra money a deeper background check can tell the inquirer that they are sealed. Sometimes this is worse than just telling them. Most companies don't go through the extra expense to dig any further than the routine check.

    Walmart digs deep on applications for mgmt. positions......don't ask.
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    "Walmart digs deep on applications for mgmt. positions......don't ask."

    We don't have to.... They found out that you surf for porn, right More????

    (Meatballs, suuuuuure!)
  11. Just Lurking

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    UPS along with all employers get information back from IRS that there is mismatch on name/SSN.

    The company was able to perform this search while at a panel meeting held at hotel that was 120 miles from district offices. It was done on a laptop accessing internal portal for UPS. I hate to say it but I will. If its that easy why not do it from the beginning if this database is accessible.

    If the federal government has restored all of your rights and removed it from your record. Why should someone believe that they would have to list it on an employment application.