I'm going to quit UPS if Fedex called me.

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  1. Hello. Its me again. I hate UPS. The only reason why I hate it is because of the manager and the supervisors. UPS management is the most stupidest thing I've ever seen in my life. One supervisor is telling me to not unload anything over 75ib on the belt, and the big full time supervisor is telling me its ok unless its not over 90 ibs. The manager is rushing me to go fast, while the full time supervisor is telling me not to go too fast because I'm killing the loaders with packages. The full time supervisor is OK, but the manager is a pr!ck. As soon as Fedex call me,, I'm going to tell the manager something really nasty and walk out if he bothers me one more time. I'm not getting paid enough to put up with this bull, lol. I don't even feel comfortable at UPS with the managers threatening to fire us everyday if we mess up. I don't care if its going to be the same at Fedex, because atleast I'm getting paid almost $14 an hour, so I can be their b!tch. But I'm not being anybody b!tch for $8.50. I'll update you guys on whether I get the job or not.
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    FedEx should be so lucky!! But I don't think you will make it there !! They do not have a diaper changing station!!
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    WTF?! WTF just happened? Why? Wh...WH...Why would someone post something like this?
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    What would you like to get out of this?
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    He cant make it doing the grunt work....Sounds like a future Sup to me!!! Or a janitor at the sperm bank....whatever?!!
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    Still...may as well post "I can't deal with moving cardboard."
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    New tampons have plastic applicators not cardboard!!!Just be careful and don't let the belt catch the string!!
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    Maybe he needs to go on the pill or get an iud instead. I hear hormones can wreak havoc on your lady parts.

    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

    I had to stop reading at "most stupidest thing"
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    Please don't!
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    Oh how wonderful it is to be young and think you know everything.

    Good luck.....

    At Fed Ex they just fire you as there is no union to protect you job....

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    I can just picture someone right now in HR looking through some files


    hmmmmm Richards, K
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    Kevin. You are an idiot if you think FedEx is an "improvement" over UPS. If you have any career aspirations at all that involve staying in this business, quit whining, pay your dues as a loader, and eventually move into package car. FedEx is a huge ZERO in terms of making it a career. Be glad you are at UPS.
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    I was thinking the same except didnt see the excessive caps in this one.

    To the tool who posted this...they're not saying you're killing the loaders--it's the sorters because you're not unloading with all the labels up so they are having to do your job and their job at the same time.

    As for the over 70s...you do not ever send a 70+ over a regular belt to the sort aisle. You are endangering at least 3 people down the line including the sorter pickoff and loader as the sorter doesn't have anywhere to put it.

    If a sup tells you to go faster you say ok, bobble head nod and work at a safe steady pace....at another company because you're a tool, a whiner and we're all dumber for having read this thread.
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    I know how you feel man!! One manager is like put the tomato on top of the lettuce, the shift manager is like no, put the lettuce on top. We run the meat down the rail and the ketchup guy is like, man you're killing me here, slow down. The bun guy is like I need more meat in these buns!!1!1 I'm not going to work here anymore for 9.00 bucks and hour, Big Momma's burgers pays 14.00 so I'll be their b!tch. I'm so tired of my managers threatening to fire me, they don't do that at Big Momma's. Next time I see my manager, I'm gonna say something nasty like I just took a steamer in the bathroom, then walk out!!!! I know exactly what you're going through man.
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    Meanwhile in Ethiopia, a child with a distended belly yearns for a cup of rice. Be a man Kevin. It's just boxes. If you can't move em around and learn to play the game at the same time, quit. Find something that is better suited to your needs. If it were easy wouldn't everyone be doing it?
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    On your way out please leave your feeling on the ups website to let them know what they are doing to the workers
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    Hahaha. That's awesome!!! See ya kid!
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    very entertaining , Siscol and Ebert gives 4 thumbs down .