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  1. I'm the spouse of a UPS employee, and I'm just sick to my stomach. My other half takes so much mental abuse from the "so called" management team. I wonder if these guys understand that upsetting a person before they get behind the wheel of a UPS truck is NOT SAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Something needs to change. I'm tired of keeping quiet about what really goes on behind the doors of UPS. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

    Bless all of you...thanks for letting me vent
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    Welcome to the browncafe dogcrap,yes we all know that ups is a tough job,
    and we feel for ya,but I must say that your username and your avatar might piss off ups.
    It will not help your husband either.
    For a start,please change your avatar so they won't make us tell you to,
    we may be able to help him with advice,or maybe not,but feel free to cry none the less.
  3. first of all...I never said it was my husband
  4. I do have a concern....I thought this site had nothing to do with UPS. So how can they make me change my avatar? I'm starting to smell a rat. I thought this cafe was for workers and their concerns. I will make changes at some point in the next few days. I have some business to take care of first. Thanks for your help.
  5. I hope everyone who is watching is happy. I changed my avatar, but that doesn't change the fact that UPS is discriminating against it's employees. I guess I will keep my mouth shut and vent to the lawyer. Thanks anyhow.
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    Your husband needs to lose some weight.
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    I dont know who told you to change your avatar.
    We are not a ups site, it is a site created by someone who had relatives at ups, Ups does monitor it, from time to time. So we dont want them to sue BC. Stay under the radar and you will be fine.
    We all feel like you are feeling now, whether it is you, your husband/wife, child, significant other. And feel free to vent. We do not judge, it is a tough job, if it were not everyone could get hired. I guess you just decide that the money is worth it, or it isnt, then you stay or leave.