Immigration Reform protest.

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    ups1990 Well-Known Member The biggest lie being told to Americans is that we need to bring ilegals "out of the shadows". Please read what the Man from Guatemala said. He's here illegally and knows it and would like for all of us to hear his demands for work and a better life. I'm sorry, but this is absurd. A person standing on US soil is covered by our laws, but non-citizens are not entitled to rights and opportunities granted to US born. It seems that the mind set of today's immigrant has changed. Once here, some begin to extend their arms for help. For that matter, citizens as well expect a handout from Uncle Sam.

    I've met people that entered ilegally and later became citizens, these people were truly in the "shadows". Not wanting to cause trouble or attention and risk deportation. The idea of welfare was not even considered, because they felt it was an easy way out of hard work and showed lack of determination. How times have changed.

    Predient Obama, made promised to Latinos mainly, Comprehensive Immigration reform. Latinos will be waiting even longer due to the recent Mass. elections. The political climate doesn't lend itself to CIR anytime soon. I've said in the past. Democrats will say whatever it takes to get the latino vote and Latinos gobble it up like carne asada. This broken promise is no different.

    This pressing issue, no doubt needs fixing but how? Even organizations that are pro-immigration can't come with grips on the issue. because it will cause a cath-22 situation for them. Any bill with a chance of becoming law can be assured of cutoff date. For instance, a person entering the states before the year 2000 is eligible for legal work status but thereafter are not. Latinos will see The National Council For The Raza as anit-immigrant for supporting this bill. In essence you'll be saying to those not meeting required criteria as, you are an ilegal and must be deported and that wouldn't be pandering.
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    "The protesters called on the Obama administration to immediately suspend deportations of immigrants with family members who are U.S. citizens and to pass the comprehensive immigration reform that they said Obama promised during his campaign."

    I guess it's just another broken campaign promise, boy they're sure piling up!!

    Not even the illegals can catch a break...They deserve our jobs and our rights...shame on Obama, whoops I mean Bush!:wink2: