Impact of Minor Traffic Tickets for "next in line" Air Driver

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by SpecialBrownie, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. SpecialBrownie

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    I've been on pre-load for a year now, I've completed driving school and should be the next to become a air driver. A couple weeks ago I received a parkig ticket and a seatbelt ticket. What kind of effect if any could this have on me with UPS? :anxious: Thanks for your help!
  2. bellesotico

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    The parking ticket wont mean anything..and the seatbelt ticket probably wont either(I could be wrong)..but with all due are in line for a job that requires the use of a seatbelt AT ALL TIMES. No exceptions. Getting a ticket for not wearing one looks kind of..well..derrrrr....

    Sorry :(
  3. SpecialBrownie

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    yeah I know I had just pulle dit off at a stop light to reach behind the seat, and started in motion before putting it back on. lol aint that some #$%!
  4. bellesotico

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    Oh well..see thats different..that just sucks for you! :slap:
  5. outamyway

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    Current tickets won't matter until a year or so from now when a sup hands you a form that you are supposed to fill out with all moving violations you've had in the last year. More than 3 in a year and you can be worried.
  6. cino321

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    I'd be concerned about the seat belt one.
  7. 1989

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    I had a 2 year old open container on my record when I went driving.
  8. browniehound

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    I guess you like your "Road Sodas" 1989, LOL? I don't have a problem with 1 or 2 road sodas (a beer in your car for the ride home) as long as your not drunk. An open container to me is a minor offense if its your first one. Might as well be drinking a coke. Once you go over the limit then it becomes serious.

    I'm not sure UPS would look at it the same way, but apparently they did if you were driving within 2 years of it. Is it just a ticket in your state 1989?
  9. 1989

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    It was in '94. Just got a ticket. I argued it because I wasn't the driver. Got it reduced but was still on my record.
  10. Big Babooba

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    Isn't it supposed to be moving violation convictions? If you haven't been convicted or plead guilty for the violation, then you should be OK. I may be wrong but I don't believe that you have to report your citations.
  11. feeder53

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    The tickets have been issued, and I would be honest if they asked, I would not think that it would be an issue unless it was in an UPS vehicle.
  12. Used&AbusedwithNoPrivacy

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    I think you will be fine with those two tickets because they aren't moving violations. I had a DUI 17 years ago, and I am an Air Driver in Oregon, so as long as your honest and don't lie, and be straight up with your supervisors, you will be ok. The main thing with the Air Driving job is safety combined with efficiency in that order, also known as Cautious Agressive. Also, no one is perfect when they first start out thats why their is a training period, you will make huge mistakes, but the key is to keep bouncing back and learning from those mistakes, and to constantly try and improve so that you can reach your full potential. As long as you keep this mindset and your supervisor knows this, and you don't get cocky, you could be one of the best, and most productive drivers to ever come out of UPS. Mistakes will be made, but the key is to try and minimize those mistakes whenever possible.
  13. over9five

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    Of course you know this was 3 years ago....
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    Thank you. Don't know how I forgot to do that!
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