In transit for the 4th day, still no updates. Normal?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Jackson King, Dec 8, 2019.

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  1. Jackson King

    Jackson King New Member

    Hi UPSers, I know it's peak season and I would like to thank everyone's effort in delivering our holiday presents! Your hard work is much appreciated!

    Here's a question out of curiosity, I will be receiving a package from NY shortly, estimated delivery say Wednesday but it've been saying "In transit" for 4 days.

    Shipping method: Ground - Signature required >> Yes, I cheap-ed out on delivery and I'm regretting it T_T. So far this is what it shows on UPS Tracking info.

    In Transit 12/05/2019 4:29 A.M. Secaucus, NJ, United States
    Past Event Shipped 12/04/2019 9:13 P.M. Secaucus, NJ, United States
    Past Event Label Created 12/04/2019 9:46 P.M. United States

    I'm curious if I can pick up my parcel at one of the hubs near Davis 95616. If I can, which hubs should I go to? I noticed packages from Secaucus, NJ hub usually goes to Richmond, CA (San Pablo) hub for packages that's delivered to SF area. How likely would my package (to Davis) end up there?

    (I heard ground package are more likely to get damaged in transit especially during peak season, should have gone air for $23 more... ordered a printer, hope it comes one piece)

    Thank you UPSers, and enjoy the holiday.
  2. Been In Brown Too Long

    Been In Brown Too Long Ex-Package Donkey

    Completely normal. Ground from east coast is 6 business days. Updates to tracking while on rail cars do not occur. You'll see an update once the trailer is offloaded in Sac. Davis comes out of the West Sac hub, not Richmond. You can have your package placed on will call to pick up in West Sac, but why not just let it be delivered? You cannot pick it up at an earlier date than the scheduled delivery date even if picking it up. And no, the likelihood of damage by ground is no greater than air. Hope this helps.
  3. Jackson King

    Jackson King New Member

    Thanks very much, I wanted to pick it up to reduce handling, it's a pretty expensive printer and I'm a poor college student. Should have really paid $23 dollars more...
    I got this reply earlier from reddit:

    Ground: loaded haphazardly into a 53" trailer by the absolute newest hires, who have a supervisor yelling at them to go faster and giving them no help on how not to do a :censored2:ty job. After that, it will bounce around on at least 1 long trip by road (hopefully not too much sudden braking), likely being re-sorted at a hub or 2.

    Air: loaded by senior employees with TSA background checks, in an environment where just loading the wrong package upside down would be a huge issue. By "more handling" you might be thinking of 6 sided checks: that is to make sure it's safe to load. Not much wear and tear there, unlike a ground shipment where some :censored2: throws a kettlebell on your new whiteboard.

    Air load requirements in general are pretty stringent, unlike ground, where the only real concern is fitting as much stuff as possible into the trailer. Stuff like no shifting weight, which is something that causes damage - to both packages and to planes.
  4. Jackson King

    Jackson King New Member

    [Duplicated reply.]
  5. Jkloc420

    Jkloc420 Well-Known Member

    this is not customer service
  6. Been In Brown Too Long

    Been In Brown Too Long Ex-Package Donkey

    Picking it up really doesn't reduce the handling much. It really just takes the delivery driver out of the loop and they're the least of your worries, lol. It still goes through the whole sort process. I think you're really worrying about nothing.
  7. Jackson King

    Jackson King New Member

    Thanks very much, appreciated your reassurance! And sorry for posting here everyone! Wish all of you a great holiday!
  8. Been In Brown Too Long

    Been In Brown Too Long Ex-Package Donkey

    Ok, well I've worked at the hub, the airport, just about every position. None of this is entirely accurate. Airport staff is as rookie and senior as anywhere else. Air cans are stuffed pretty similarly as trailers. Those trailers are loaded on a freight train for cross country trips. No stopping and starting. Again, I think you're overthinking this whole thing.
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  9. Jackson King

    Jackson King New Member

    Sorry :'(
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  10. Maplewood

    Maplewood Active Member

    Way less dammage in air cans mostly because there cant be 10 feet of pkgs loaded on top, and UPS has it in their posession a way shorter time.
  11. barnyard

    barnyard KTM rider Staff Member

    If only UPS had a way to contact them. If only there were a sticky at the top of this page explaining what customers should do with questions about packages.

    If only...
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