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    Maybe you listen to talk radio and maybe you've come across these ads about "Income from Home". I heard them on the coast to coast radio show with George Noury, but you can also hear then on the Hannity show, and many others.

    I decided to take a peek at their website. I was pretty sure it was a scam but so many of these hosts seem to recommend it. I wondered "would they sell their integrity for a scam?"

    Well I accessed the webpage, the page you start out with has no information about what you would be doing to be making money at home from your computer. To gain further access, you have to give up your info: name , address, email , phone number. Well I filled those fields out, just not with the correct info.

    Now I get directed to a page where I can buy the kit for $39.95 that I can use to make money at home. Still nothing about what I would be doing . I come to the conclusion that any "job" that requires you to pay the company money to work for them is not a job at all.

    As I start moving the cursor to the top left of the screen to close the window. A screen chat is initiated and I start getting more incentives to buy this kit. The comments I received were probably robot generated but they were supposedly coming from "Jen".

    Well, I was amazed that the website could tell that I was going to close the page but not totally so as I heard that some websites do have the ability to know where your cursor is hovering.

    Anyway, I clicked the page closed and then went to google and typed in "Income at Home, Scam?"

    So that brought up a multitude of pages and based on the few I read, "Income at Home" supposedly is Herbalife (want to lose weight in 30 days? ask me how-or something like that). You would basically be becoming a herbalife distributor if you joined up with this operation.

    I also read that if I had given my correct phone number, that I would be receiving phone calls from a distributor who would push to make me part of his downline.

    I also read the privacy policy and it states amongst other goodies, that they have the right to sell whatever info I give them. So even if I didn't join, if I had given the right info, they would have made money on that . So maybe even that money from selling your info is enough money for them to keep running these ads on radio to entice more people into their website.

    Anyway, technically not a scam, but definitely not my cup of tea.

    By the way, I wasn't looking for side income, i was just curious, after hearing the ad once again on the radio. So I took a look.
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    "would they sell their integrity for a scam?"

    No, they would sell their integrity for a paycheck.
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    Yes, but George Noory too? Now I have to question everything he said about ufos and poleshifts and the mayan calender.:panicsmiley:
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    My wife is hooked on Herbalife stuff. She swears its the best thing going. Then again she at one time or another has been hooked on Weight Watchers, South Beach, Slim Fast And a dozen other diets. I've been married long enough to know to keep my mouth shut about what I feel about dieting. ---------------------------(eat less-exercise more).
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    I agree with you and Weight Watchers is all about common sense and no gimmicks!! (no, I'm not a member, just an observation)
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    No gimmicks? Don't they also push their own brand of frozen dinners now?
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    Yes, but from their beginnings they taught you to eat well, eat healthy, move more .....just the basics.
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    My mother was on weight watchers. They were very non judgemental and I believe the organization played an integral part in helping her change her eating habits for good. She didn't stay with them forever but the change in her lifestyle stayed with her.

    And yes, I remember the freezer and fridge being filled with their stuff for a few months. But eventually she weaned herself off the products. They were a good crutch for her.

    On a side note, I think my mother's dietary change helped the family dog live 7 years longer than she would have otherwise. My dog was eating what my mom was eating(scraps, leftovers). My dog ended up going on a diet as well. Being the scrounge that my dog was, she would hover around while salads were being prepared. My dog ended up getting a lot of cucumber skins, left over lettuce, etc. It filled her up but she couldn't gain weight on that. The dog ended up losing weight as well and had a lot more energy.
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    hey, he's got 2 round mounds of rebound!!
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    Sir Charles for VP.
    This is one man who clearly indicated he is not a role model - yet - he has always been an upstanding representative of a good human being.
    I love Sir Charles and the NBA needs guys like him and MJ.
    (I would have a reason to be a fan,)
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    The only legitimate work at home job I have came across is a Canadian wide pizza chain.
    They do not have a call centre, and they hire people to work at home to answer pizza orders.
    You simply type the order on thier website, and it's done.

    I believe it was 2% of sales you earn, and 3% after 10pm, which works out to anywhere between $11 and $15 hr.

    I'm still considering doing that, actually. And yes, you can work p/t. The more hrs you work, the more you earn.
    But it also states you need a quite enviroment, no music, TV, or kids (and other people) in the background.
    No big deal for me.
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    OK, this makes absolutely no sense.

    First of all, why wouldn't the customer simply by-pass the middle man (you) by placing the order themselves on the website?

    Secondly, 2% of a $10 order is $.20 To make between $11 and $15/hr you would have to process between $550-750/hr in orders.

    Third, you are a grown man--why don't you go out and get a real job??
  15. klein

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    First of all don't call me a lair, secondly nothing sells here for $10.00, and 3rdly read for yourself :

    [h=1]Self Employed Service Provider[/h]Pizza 73 is offering an opportunity for select individuals to take pizza orders from home as a Self Employed Service Provider

    What we need from you:
    • Availability to work during our busiest times - dinner, late night, weekends and holidays. We need you when customers are ordering pizza!
    • Availability to work split shifts (not always, but boosts your earning potential)
    • You have your own PC, headset, high speed internet connection, and a quiet space to work without interruptions
    • Dependability and a commitment to provide service when scheduled
    • Solid work ethic, positive attitude, and previous customer service experience
    • Excitement at the prospect of being self employed - and an understanding of the implications
    What we offer:
    • Inbound calls - Pizza Ordering
    • 1.9% commission on your sales (target range $11 - $13/hr, with potential to earn $14+)
    • Approximately 12 hrs per week May - August
    • Approximately 15 - 20+ hrs per week September - April
    Potential benefits of Self Employment may include:
    • Potential for higher earnings / positive tax benefits
    • Little or no commuting time - reduced transportation costs
    • Relaxed dress code
    • Flexibility to work more hours
    • Increased productivity - design and control your own work environment
    • Ability to assist with unforeseen call volume
    • Increased job satisfaction
    If this great opportunity is a match for you please forward your resume to
    [h=1]Fax your resume to (780) 498-3480, or e-mail it to[/h]
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    Why wouldn't Pizza 73 simply set up their website to allow online orders and cut out the middle man?

    BTW, I never called you a "liar". You must have confused the terms "liar" and "loser". Dave.
  17. klein

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  18. cachsux

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    If you took that job you would have to tie up your computer and wouldn't be able to come on here. So naturally we're all for it. Apply asap.

    That being said leave it to your country to come up with the stupidest way to order a pizza yet.
  19. klein

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    It's not actually a stupid way to order pizza or any other fast food.
    They save money on a call center, the electronics, maintanance bills, lease or owning a building, plus all utilities.
    We are not like Florida that every person needs to look up and call the location they want pizza, or KFC from.
    We simply have one number for all locations.

    Btw, ask your part-timers what they rather do, lift boxes for 4 hrs steady, drive to work, get in :censored2: from sups, deal with all the crap, spend gas money, or sit at home and make almost double the money ?
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