Increase in volume / stops. (FedEx Ground)

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    I've seen 1-2 other threads on this subject, but they generally die off fairly quickly. Last August, volume on each truck (on my line, at least) rose 15-20%. For the last year, almost every driver at my terminal is running around like its peak season. I was pushing 300-330 packages on my truck with 200-400 picked up until my contractor finally woke up and realized it was too much. What's it like on your end?
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    I call it monday, tuesday.. lol
    It only gets better.
    There is screw me Weds, thick Thurs and Fock me Friday.
    And occasionally I get screw me Saturday if I volunteer HD.

    Ground is growing at an exponential pace, just count the UPS trucks in your area... I have 4 without the straight trucks just in one zipcode.
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    well I understand that MGD isn't getting his lawn done until almost 3:15 now
  4. I like your name, publicwifi. I've noticed a huge decrease the last 2 weeks, but I think its just the time of year. Last peak I was averaging 90 stops. Now, Im at 60. Ill hit 50 in 3 weeks. Then it will climb about 1 stop per week until peak hits.
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    code 82, you have enough HOS to cover a 6th day? volume can't be that up if you do...

    here, i used to volunteer for Ground on Mondays, but that would cut into my 70 HOS for the week & as a swing/cover, they want those hours for my HD side just in case.

    heck, during peak, we work 6 days a week anyways ~ Ground or HD
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    I prolly did my 60 at ground and worked 9 at HD saturday. We are a 70 hour state.
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    Volume is up because of all the express volume being diverted.

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    You are probably right but my route has stayed pretty steady. At my station some routes are down and some are up.
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    No need to ask, it is published:

    2010 898,464,000
    2011 958,962,000 +6%
    2012 1,000,009,000 +4.2%
    2013 1,076,709,000 +7%

    So nearly a doubling of increase from your previous year, not bad.