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    They have been so good that they took four years to come up with a contract. Somehow I don't think that will fly for us.
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    brett636 in all your infinite wisdom how do you know that the Apwa will not be good for us ? Just because your adopting a financial plan everyone else should adopt and forget about a pension becasue the teamsters are allowed by law to pilfer the $ that was set aside for our future and yours ? Somehow i really don`t agree with your train a thought and your irresponsibility to your brothers at work ? Somehow anything outside of the teamsters is a risk but the payout would be more security al least financially then the control of a stronger leadership would prevail ! No track record you say well her we go back to the teamsters track record of making concessions to partimers - conceding our pension with no cost of living for the future and insurance that continues to skyrocket. But next to the teamsters i`m sure glad you are not in charge because then i know for a fact you be giving them the farm !
  3. maybe it won't fly for you but our customers and our families would really benefit from this!!! oh, thats right , you have pently of money to sit out on a strike and you like not knowing anything about how the negotiations are going until you get a ballot in the mail, i bet you vote yes on every ballot you recieved from the union and sent it back nda, eam!!!!!!!!
  4. brett636

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    how do you know the APWA will be good for us? Is it because the promise us the moon? I won't risk my future on promises alone. I need to see results.
  5. brett636

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    I really am at a loss for words on how to respond to this. I'm sure our customers will respond postively to a strike threat that goes on for years. That is if your fedex, DHL, or even the USPS. It sure won't be positive for UPS.
  6. Bill

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    It is better to take the time (no matter how long it takes) to get a good contract, than to accept the substandard contracts that the Teamsters negotiate for us in the best interests of themselves.
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    It is so funny to me to hear about Union woes. Why do you think all manufacturing in America is now overseas? Why are all the airlines and auto companies going bankrupt? Because they have to pay thousands of uneducated union workers way too much money--just so those same workers can pay huge fees to the vacuum that is your union management.

    Have any of you ever figured out how much you would make if you didn't have to pay the silly union fees? If you all voted out the union, took a pay cut, but didn't pay the union, you would probably make more money.

    On top of it, so many of you mock the contractors at FedEx Ground. Even if you don't approve of the business model, at least they aren't paying loads of money to a Union that grows fat off of your sweat, while doing nothing but lobbying in DC for changes that won't happen. Look at the massive decrease in union jobs over the last 20 years, it isn't coincidence.
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    Go back to therapy.
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    Oh, yeah, I can see THIS happening! Let's out the union (whatever union you want to have), take a pay cut, but didn't pay the union, I'll probably make more money?

    Yeah, I'm an uneducated union worker but my 8-yr old granddaughter did the math for me. Hmmm...quit paying my almost $70 a mo for dues, cut my pay from $28 to $9 an hour, I'll make more money? She says it don't compute! She says I'll lose my $70 IN ONE DAY! Let alone the rest of the $28!

    And paying unedcuated union workers way too much money? As far as I'm concerned, with what I have to put up with, equipment, driving conditions, managment, it ain't enough
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    I'm just "Ntherapy" in management?
    The people that you think should take a pay cut provide a service for a company that makes record profits each quarter. We work our "rear" off for our wages.
    Is it too much to ask that we, the hourly slobs, get our share of the profits?

    OOPS! I don't want to cut into your dividend check.
  11. Tarnsman

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    ......Sure, do what sane people do and buy stock...You will never make any money tied to either a monthy salary or a hourly wage that doesnt and will never approximate the inflation rate.....
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    OOOOps Trick are you trying to defend that CS pension again?
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    I disagree, because you simply can't work for UPS without a union. It's hard enough with one, but without a contract, what would keep your job secure, pension, pay, benefits, excessive overtimne, harrrassment etc...

    Have you seen the turn over ratio in management? Get real.
  15. Cole

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    The pilots did it on their own, and even though they backed us 100% when we were on strike, the Teamsters to my understanding, told them 'since they are not in our union now, they hoped they starved'. Don't know if that's true, but it sounds likew their mentality.

    We will make the Apwa work if they end up being our bargaining agent.
  16. RockyRogue

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    I was told this by a steward so I have no idea if its true: the highest turnover in my building in the last three months has been p/t sups. I've been told by several people (HR and ft/pt operations management) that my building's other two sorts (Twilight and Midnight) are screaming for supervisors. A fairly new pt sup told me that he'd gotten two calls each from ft'ers on Twilight and Midnight, asking if he'd work their sorts. He never called 'em back. -Rocky
  17. Bill

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    You people just don't get it. We want a union, but one that works for us, and not us working for them. The way it stands now, the Teamsters are selling us out at every opportunity, while enriching themselves. The Teamsters let UPS reduce the pay for the part timers, they allowed the introduction of 22.3 drivers where they are used as needed at a lower pay scale, they reduced our medical and pension benefits, etc... while at the same time, raising union dues. In your opinion, who is working for whom? It is time to right this sinking ship (Teamsters) and replace them with an honest union (APWA). How many further cuts are you willing to accept before you have had enough?
    This is the reason that the pilots started their own union and dumped the TEamsters. While the pilots are an educated group, the majority of UPS workers are not. The Pilots knew the Teamsters were screwing them, so they acted and formed their own independant union (IPA). We can do the same, but we need you to sign the petition cards. The Teamsters are using us and feeding the gullible masses propaganda. Karl Rove would be proud of the Teamsters!!!!!!