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  1. Is UPS doing enough for its employee's? Are you still struggling with rising prices but earning the same Salary? are your interests being covered? Or do you feel your company is turning their heads and dodging this Topic.

    Like all over the world people are suffering from increase in prices. Although this has been repeatdly brought to the attention of the management, nothing is being done. we are asked to wait until a survey is done either by the local government or an independent company. I don’t see that every happening and wil surely look to move from UPS. I hope our management can find a solution to this. I am waiting for some kind of light at the end of this tunnel and I do hope it doesn’t turn out to be a train.
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    Its not UPS' fault we abandoned the gold standard and set off an inflation bubble of incredible amounts. I think you need to take your anger and fling it at your GOVT.
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    Waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh! If prices are going up, then make changes in your life or deal with having less spendable income. Don't you think UPS is also paying more for things like parts, gas, etc? Are they paying you less to make up for that? No, so why should they pay you more becuase things are more expensive for you?

    Don't worry Barak or Hillary will be the next president and fix it all for you. Money will be taken from the haves and given to the have nots.
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    I count my blessings that I have a job and my salary is as good as it is. There are a great number of people out there that have been let go, unemployment runs out and stuck in low paying jobs. UPS also has its issues with the prices as they have to pay for fuel, healthcare and all the other things we struggle with. We need to change our Dependency on fossil fuels and healthcare issues so we can advance.
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    Ethanol will lead to a global famine. Government needs to stay out of the alternative fuel business.
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    I totally agree. Govt needs to stay out of a lot of things. They screw up social security and now everyone wants to jump on the national health care bandwagon. Tax the oil companines if they profit more than X amount of money and what will happen? The will cut supply so they stay under that profit limit and guess what? Prices go up and not down.

    Liberalism always generates the opposite of its stated intent. -Jim Quinn
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    Agreed. Look at the price of rice now...because rice growers are scrambling to grow corn. And people are chopping up rain forests like never before to get more farmland to grow corn...all the while, it COST MORE IN ENERGY to make ethanol than it does gasoline.

    I do think that alternative fuels need to be researched - carefully - but not like this. What a disaster.
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    More like money will be taken from the haves and given to the too-lazy-to-go-out-and-get-their-own.

    I love going to the grocery store and getting in line with my ground chuck behind a welfare receipient buying angus beef...I always feel tempted to say something smart, like "Glad my tax dollars are keeping you fed..."
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    Yes researched, but the research of today will take years until we see the benefits. How about drilling our own oil that we have available and stop buying it from overseas? The bottom line is, like it or not, our society currently is dependent on oil.
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    Right. The problem is, everyone is jumping on the bandwagon and doing these "band-aid" fixes that actually are worse on the environment than gasoline. I think weaning ourselves off of our oil glut and our dependence overseas through drilling domestically and giving more incentive to buy fuel efficient cars is a start. Meanwhile, start some sort of R&D incentive for sustainable, long-term alternatives. It'll be years until you see results, but in the meantime...
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    I guess we should be lucky they are buying that Angus. They could be trading the food stamps for drugs or alcohol.
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    I love how they get an amount of cash on their EBT cards every month, and without fail, they buy cigarettes with it...
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    you can't buy cigarettes, alcohol or non-food items with an EBT card.
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    No but you can trade them for those items.
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    Maybe not, but they buy some groceries for a friend and the friend pays them cash and then they buy cigs. It's been done for years.:dissapointed:
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    Impacted....great minds.....:wink2:
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    I believe it is up to us, not the government to find these answers. Some are available today. Solar tech is getting better as is the battery tech. Wind generators too. My next home will use geothermal, low head turbine generator etc to lower my eco footprint.
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    Don't worry Barak or Hillary will be the next president and fix it all for you. Money will be taken from the haves and given to the have nots.[/quote]

    I can't wait. :knockedout: Like the saying goes "Keep working hard - There are millions on welfare that need your support."
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    I'm not sure about your state, but the Pennsylvania EBT Access card has both food stamps and cash balances on it. They swipe their card once for the food, and then swipe it a second time for their smokes....
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    I don't think many readers will realize it, but you nailed it right on the head. When Nixon abolished the gold standard in 1971, it enabled our country to print dollars to it's little heart's content. We have gone, in 30 years, from being the worlds largest creditor nation to the worlds largest debtor nation. And believe me, it will come home to roost....we were (and are) an extremely rich nation, so it's taken many years for our currency problems to come to a head....but it will, I don't know when, but it will. I believe around 49% of our Treasury Bonds are held by foreign nations, and when they start turning that around, inflation will really kick in, or perhaps hyper-inflation, which would make our Great Depression seem like a walk in the park. And all the while, the Fed keeps postponing the inevitable, printing dollars and applying band-aids. And they fudge the CPI. All I can say is, protect yourself the best you can, invest overseas, limit your exposure domestically. There is a shift in wealth happening, and we're not on the good end of it.