I know this is not the normal platform to take for this, but I feel desperate and do not know whom else to try and contact. I worked for UPS as a seasonal driver helper for a month or so, in Madison WI. in 2002. After years of staying home with my kids, I was excited to get out in the work force. When I had an interview and did my DOT physical with UPS in North Carolina, where I now live, I was ecstatic to work for such an amazing company, one I hoped to maybe retire from some day. Well, today they told me that while doing the background check, it came up that I was negative for rehire. I was/am crushed and confused. It was 18 years ago, when I was only 21, but I do not recall any negative feedback, as I never have had negative feedback from employers. I asked if I could look into this further and possibly have it reversed, as I have no idea why I would have that status. He told me to contact my supervisor from where I worked. It was many years ago, so I do not remember who it is, but I’ve tried contacting many numbers, and no one seems to know where to direct me. I would normally just move on, but I was very very excited to work for an amazing company, so I am hoping I can find some answers to this point n here. I really don’t know whom else to contact, and can’t find any emails either. I wonder if anyone has any info on a contact number or person who could help me with this.m? If you could possibly be of any help to me, I would be ever so grateful!


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18 years ago? Your best years are behind you. I wouldn't pursue a career at UPS at this point. This is a young man/woman's game.


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I legit had 3 felons on my PD when I was PT, and UPS is turning down applicants because of an 18 year old negative rehire status...


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I am not sure that you will get it reversed. Right now, unemployment rates are kind of high and UPS seems to be getting way more applicants than they did a year ago. I work in a mid sized outstate building. Yesterday morning, 6 people were touring to work the preload and they had 6 the day before. Unheard of to have that many show up for a tour.

The other issue you are going to have is that chances are, none of the supes that knew who you are work in Madison. Could be retired or transferred.

You should probably consider another company.