Injured at work and getting bumped

Maine Drivah

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I got injured back in December and have been out of work ever since. Currently fighting with ups over comp and stuff. Today I got a call from my sup asking me to bid on Thursday. He told me I would be bumped from our current center. How does that work as far as reporting to work or signing a new bid.

Up In Smoke

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Hold on, did you
1. Report the injury
2. Receive a copy of injury report
3. Seek medical treatment
4. Inform employer of work restrictions
5. Inform your steward
6. Inform your BA
7. Contact your states DWD
8. Hire a lawyer
9. Document all conversations

Maine Drivah

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Yes I have a lawyer, mediation for workers comp is tomorrow. UPS insurance does not want to pay lost time of course so that's a fight. 3 months no paycheck, wife is full time student so things are rough. Thinking they are trying to hold out to see if I'm faking.
My biggest concern is I sign a bid and have to report to a center downstate. Looking like 4 hours away from where I live is where I'll have to sign. However, if i can't report to work for another few months i would rather stay where I'm at and continue to see my current doctor's and therapists


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You're out and you can't get someone to sign the bid for you? We do it here all the time. One of our guys just signed our feeder bid for one guy on vacation and another on comp as it was their time to pick.

Maine Drivah

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No no I think some of you are confused. I'm bottom guy, with these biannuals I will be bumped out of my current center. However I don't want to have to move/ change doctors when I'm out on comp anyways. I think the answer I've found is don't sign and take a bid where my seniority allows after I'm cleared to drive.