Injured driver, returning to work soon

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  1. If my doctor(s) prescribe a return to work with modified driving schedule, such as Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday to start the 1st few weeks; Mon/Wednesday/Friday/Saturday the next few weeks in order to transition back to work after being out of work and in therapy for a little over a year, will my supervisor have to honor the medical return to work prescription?

    This injury is not workmen's comp - it was off the clock.

    Thanks for the feedback.
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    Unlikely, but look into your contract. Ask your union rep. There might be something in your local supplement or even state law ( regardless of WC).

    Hopefully someone has a better answer. Good luck, what is the injury if you don't mind me asking?
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    Well, not in the way you may be thinking. Most likely, they will not honor any "precription" for a modified work schedule. However, Article 16 Section 6 is where you will find the language for FMLA.

    According to information available on the web, off-the-job injuries are covered by FMLA.

    Here is an excerpt from this page.....