Injured on the job-where is info?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by brownworker88, Feb 2, 2007.

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    as a driver, I was injured on the job during a vehicle accident (not my fault). I don't know where to find information on my rights to receive pay for time at doctor's appts and worker's comp I entitled? I researched on, but without luck. I have also looked on Liberty Mutual, but cannot find information.

    I was told by emergency room doc not to return to work the following work day. But I am being told by the center that I will not be paid for a full day pay because they had me come in to work on computer with my "good arm" for 2 hours and meeting with center boss and then I was referred to an occupational doc. Should I receive full day pay? I was then released the next day (2 days after accident) to work with restrictions so UPS could avoid work comp claim for time off.

    Does anyone have information on this? I am trying to find UPS policy on work related injuries for union employees and what are benefits/procedures. Any help would be appreciated
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    It doesn't sound like you were out long enough for Workman's Comp to kick in. This varys from state to state as does the pay. Where I am at, we get $450 a week from Liberty Mutual, but you have to be out two or three weeks to get a check plus backpay. I just went on it, still waiting myself.
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    Scratch-What happened? Hope it's nothing serious. The way it worked in Md. was you don't receive comp for the first three days unless you are out for two weeks. Then those three days are paid. Your rate of pay was up to 67% of your average pay for the 13 week period prior to the injury date. There was a maximum which any driver would get if he worked even normal hours. This money was tax free. Then there is TAW (temporary alternate work). The way that worked here was that you worked at a "make work" job at a pay rate of $8.50 for up to 4 hours a day. Liberty Mutual would then pay you half of what you would get if you were not on TAW. My last injury before I retired they had me calling people whose packages had been post carded. The main thing I would tell anyone who has had a job related injury. Go to a doctor of your choosing. In most states it will be paid for by Liberty. The docs UPS sends you to are usually not in the top 50% of their class (and this can be really bad if they went to a foreign medical school) and have UPS's interests at heart, not yours. Example: I fell and injured my back. UPS doctor says lumbar strain. Turns out to be disk injury which required surgery. The second thing I would tell anyone is that if it is a major injury get a lawyer. After you have recovered and been released back to full duty in most states you are eligible to be compensated for the permanent disability that your injury has caused (and no matter how good you feel there is permanent damage). You will never receive this without a lawyer.
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    Laws do vary from state to state as noted here. Get with your management team or safety committee or safety specialist, if you have one assigned to your center. They should be able to provide all the information you need. Good luck and good health
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    Yeah, right.......the company is gonna jump right through their rear end to help him file a worker's comp claim :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    I've never had a problem - have you? Too many injuries maybe? Unfortunately, some employees are injury prone and take no responsibility for their actions. Knew a driver who claimed a back injury because a cicada ( now there's a big bug ) was in the stairwell of his truck. And he couldn't safely grasp his handrail. Who by the way has a history of back problems. So fair warning for those of you who live in a part of the country where the 17 year cicadas are coming.
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    First off As soon as you report the incident and call in to Liberty mutual you should get a comp number and all of your medical bills will be taken care of thur comp.. If you are put on light duty you get no comp. Comp in New Jersey is 640.00 per week but you must be put out of work by the Company Dr for 8 days. You also was be released from the Dr to go back on full duty.. If you go back to work and your injury acts up or you get no better. you are still covered . you just need to go back to the same Dr. Hope this helps
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    If you had filed that piece of paper from the Union stating that if you were injured on the job, you would be going to your own doctor and not the UPS one, none of these problems would have happened. Your doctor would be telling UPS when you could go back to work and at what level of activity. And Liberty Mutual would be a good resource for entry level info.
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    what piece of paper should I have filed with the Union?
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    Is that local specific - never heard of the union getting involved with injury reports.
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    Me either, we just go to company doctor then go tot our own dr. to get a real diagnosis. We don't have to get a paper from the local or anywhere else to see our own doc.
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    UPS must take care of your is the law...please see your safety dept. they will help you.....everyone knows that UPS must keep injuries down because of the cost as well as replacing a professional employee...your safty dept will take care of you, even if your center gives you's the law and they know it