Injury worse than I thought

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    I was injured while on package car, got an MRI and there are several other issues the MRI brought to light such as Herniated disc and some joint issues where hip joint is rubbing on bone, water on joint, and some others issues that were not expected and have compounded my injury. My question is if the doctor tells me that this will only get worse with this job what can be done? I like my job and pay, but I do not want to be in physical pain the rest of my life or become where it is even hard to walk. It is already hurting to walk BTW. I know I could go feeder, but that is not me, I get extremely sleepy when sitting for long periods, I am afraid I would be a danger in that position. Could I revert back to working in the HUB and keep my pay rate? Could I maybe run some less demanding routes? I am just trying to figure out all options before I speak with Supervisor on the issue. I am really not sure what to do, if I lost this job, it would be nearly impossible to find something I could do that pays this good.
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    i am not a doctor
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    Thanks but, I am asking what I should do "if" doctor tells me my injury will get worse with package car. Which after looking up these injuries, it seems that is going to be probable. What are my choices work wise at UPS?
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    If, a big if, is proving the other injuries happened on the job, or elsewhere.
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    Well, from what I have seen so far by reviewing the causes, the injuries are consistent with repetitive movement and lifting. I was a really hard worker and they stuck it to me. Anyhow, I am wanting to know if there are any options for me to move into some other position and keep pay, or even less demanding routes? I like working for UPS, but not sure I will be able to continue the demands of Pkg car.
  6. How long have you worked here?
  7. Are you full time?
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    3 years
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    Have your spine fused and get a hip replacement. Your center manager should be able to do this because they are all qualified doctors. They will probably give you 2 or 3 days (unpaid) to heal. That's all I got.
  11. They won't let you go back to part time working inside and you really don't have any seniority to bid an easier job.
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    There was an ex driver I worked with when I first started. He went back to Hub, he was at top pay, took a 5.00 an hour pay cut. He worked two shifts in the HUB. He was not hurt, but said he was sick of driving, road rage etc. I verified this with other drivers that worked with him. However, I was moved to a new HUB, so I do not have contact with him, or know how he managed to do this.
  13. Maybe you should talk to a workman's comp attorney. I seriously doubt the company will do anything for you.
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    Thanks will do. Maybe I will just go back to delivering, but do it really really slow this time around ;)
  15. You gotta take care of yourself. This job will beat you up if you let it.
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    Oh yeah, I was a hard worker and they would pile it on me. I was in great shape, never thought I would go down. I do not mind working hard, but when it takes this toll on my body, yeah I got the picture now. The day I got hurt they stuck me with 30 more stops than the normal driver on the route has. I was blind on the route to boot! What sucks is, the folks that would slack off got it easy. Those of us that work hard, always knew we were the ones that would get screwed. The sups loved me because of my work ethic and ability. I hope they will like me when I return, but I am not going to be that guy that breaks his back any longer.
  17. Just give an honest effort. Don't be Superman and don't drag your feet.
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    sounds as though you are suffering the consequences of being “a really hard worker”
    There’s a lesson here

    good luck to you
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    Yeah, I hope I have learned my lesson. I am a naturally hard worker, so it can be difficult to change. I have not got to experience the new 9 to 5 list though, I have been out a while already. So, maybe that will help with being loaded down and rushing around like a madman.
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    What article is the 9 to 5 list under?