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    Quick question and I hope a simple one.

    Does UPS allow for it's military members to continue their dependents health insurance while deployed?

    I was gone for about 70 days, during this time they cut my wifes healthcare, who is currently prego.

    HR is looking into it for me, they originally said it was due to lack of hours worked (they didn't enter my orders start date for my mil leave therefore it showed up as just not being there) but I am waiting for answers. Just curious as I have 3 weeks of leave to burn before going back to work.

    Not that it matters, but I don't remember our insurance being cut before for other deployments I had been on.
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    As long as your dependents are in DEERs they will be covered by TriCare once you are gone for over 30 days. If you are like me and don't wan't your family under the care of military medicine then go to and type "Military" in the search field. Click on "UPS Guide to Military Leave of Absence." There is an attachment on the right hand side of the screen (upper) that explains everything.