insured Parcel damage during shipping, what odds do I have on getting reimbursed?

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    Hey everyone :)

    I shipped a subwoofer that WAS in excellent condition last week across country via ground. I packed it myself. The package weighed almost 60 pounds. I sold it on ebay to someone. They opened it up and found it damaged. It had either been dropped or fell or was thrown hard onto the ground. It appears that way at least due to the fact that 1 side of the sub is caved in. As a result the sub looks awful and not only that but the amp in it causes a hum now :(. I packed it pretty well and marked the sides of the box fragile etc. Maybe I could have packed it better, but with that much weight and enough force, there probably will be some damage no matter what if not even handled properly in the first place. I realize accidents happen, but I'd really like to think I'm not going to be out $560.00! The guy buying the sub paid 500.00 and it cost around $60.00 to ship. Never having done this before, I filed a claim first thing for the $560.00. UPS hasn't picked it up yet to inspect the damage. This is really disheartening because I really need the money. :( Can someone give me some insight into what my chances are for at least being reimbursed at all?

    Thanks guys!
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    It should of been packed in the orginal factory packing. I guess you will find out later if they pay or not.
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    Ideally yea, but unfortunately that wasn't an option. The way I've been thinking about this is, if the parcel hadn't have been either dropped or thrown, or maybe fallen, the damage wouldn't have been done. When I packed it though, I didn't quite pack it with this happening in mind. That's my biggest worry right there. I wrote fragile all over the box and with it weighing as much as it does. Plus the fact that I happen to be a 21 year letter carrier, I would have made sure that if that was a USPS package, and I was the 1 delivering it, I would not have thrown it or dropped it.
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    Well I have some experience on this issue because I have talked to the claims people. It depends on how you shipped it. First of all on the bottom of the box there is a rating for how many pounds can be shipped in that box(there should be a circle on the bottom of the box and if you read it you will find your answer). If you exceeded that your most likely going to be screwed. Next you have to package correctly. You must have at least 2" of cushion on all sides of the box. Then you must not only have some time of newspaper or bubble wrap around your stuff but you also need loose stuff like popcorn filling. Last the items cannot easily shift in the box. If you did all these things your in good shape. Im not a claims guy so I will never say what another person is going to decide. I hope this helps.

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    Good to hear you have become a spirtual man wiskey.
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    How much did you insure it for?
    UPS does not reimburse the shipping cost on a damaged insured item.
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    Thanks guys for the good advice. The item was purchased by my customer from me for $500.00, and it was around $60.00 shipped, so on my claim I put in for $560.00. I insured it for only $500.00 though. I don't know how much the rating was on the box itself. As far as packing it, I didn't use any packing peanuts, newspaper etc. I did use some cushioning via this foam like material. And this stuff is actually 2 inches thick, and there was 2 layers of it on each side of the sub for a total of 4 inches all around. As a result, the sub would not be able to move around hardly at all with it packed in there so tight. I'll take any amount, just hope to not get a total loss on this. Bad enough losing $500.00, but then also throwing away $60.00 with shipping as well. Basically just threw away a perfectly good sub and $60.. of my own money to boot!
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    Good luck- I have a feeling you are going to need it. UPS don't usually pay claims wthout a fight - especially with "insufficient packing" as part of the picture.
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    You are going to have to show proof of the value as well. This whole process will not be easy for you- Good luck!
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    At the customer counter, all electronics are to be packaged in it's original container with original packaging. If not you cannot purchase the "protection" to begin with.

    UPS probably won't pay on an electronic device that had improper packaging despite the protection. Next time waste your money at the overcharging UPSstore and get the packing guarantee! :laughing:

    I believe that all packages are insured for up to $100 automatically. Sorry about your subwoofer.

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    I think that rule varies from where you ship it. For instance our clerk will not accept guitars at all but others will. Same w/ dishes.
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    sleeve is correct. The Watertown Customer Counter refuses a lot of electronic shipments, all are sent to a UPS store for proper packaging.
    We do take guitars, the ones in hard cases and we place them inside proper shipping boxes.
    Dishes, glass { drinking ware and pictures with glass } , medical are also refused.
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    Using the OP's own words--Maybe I could have packed it better--tells me that he may not get the result he is hoping for.
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    I know this will sound crazy to most, but UPS shipping guidlines state that any package must be able to survive a 4ft drop without damage. The reason for this is that 95% of package movement is on a conveyor belt. They do not read the fragile labels to well, The avareage height of a conveyor belt is at least 3-4 feet, most damage is caused at some point along the belt. We do not drop, throw or otherwise damage parcels intentionally.

    As for the claim. Do not accept the first denial. Keep fighting it, I have seen them change the original denial in the past.
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    I didn't know that fragile was in UPS vocabulary.
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    I was a damage clerk when I was part time. It is good to hear that you had 4 inches of packing material between the item and the box and the contents could not shift.

    Most importantly, was the box you packed the woofer in brand new or used? I fell as though your claim will hinge on this aspect. If you reused a box then you are probably SOL. (I'm referring to a random reused cardboard box not the original packaging). The clerks also check for how much weight the box you used it rated for.

    Ideally you want an item like this to be "factory packed." As it was when it was brand new.

    Good luck.
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    Fragile is a city in Italy!:happy-very:
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    Just a side note to this I noticed sending out several packages this week at the local customer counter. On the computer there is an area where UPS will gladly sell you additional insurance for your package yet there is no description of the requirements that must be met to make a successful claim on that insurance.
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    .....or is it France?:confused: