New PT Supe being harassed by Shop Steward, what can I do ?

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    I’m new on the forum and UPS. Im going to try and be as thorough/short as possible. So I’ve been with the company a little over 2 months. One month as a pre-loader, the other month and a half as PT supe. So sometime during my first week as PT supe a steward at my hub went around secretly (not really secretly but did pull em all to the side) talking to the guys on my belt. I use to split the belt with “E”, so after he speaks to E,E tells me flat out everything he said such as don’t listen to “Jack/me” jack think he runs the joint, jack don’t run :censored2:, is jack messing with you if so tell me ill handle it , he thinks he’s a “G”/gangster. E and the steward are of the same race. Not that it matters but it’s relevant. We’re laughing at it like what’s his problem. That’s before I knew about the TWO UPS teams. Me being me I call the steward on it, he cops out like I didn’t say that jack come on. At the end of the shift I tell my supervisor what happened he told me don’t worry about it jack that’s how things are around here. Next day I come in not knowing my supervisor talks to the steward, the steward says “I thought you was a G why you go and run to your papi John. I’m like whoa first off calm down I didn’t like the fact that your going around trying to cause problems and second off I’m man no need for the disrespect ( Found out today that that’s part of their job cool). So again he taunts me what you going to do tell your father John. At that point I’m furious so I tell him if he does it again I’ll show him that “G” and take it there if he disrespects me again. I also told him to don’t say :censored2: to me, what ever problems he has notify who ever you have to and they’ll talk to me. So later that week or next week can’t really remember an unloader who spoke no English/same race as the steward was unloading the bulk/over 70s. I told him no more bulk for route Id 24U because that truck was blown tf out. So he picks up and leave guess who he comes back with, the steward he comes over screaming dignity and respect for my guys, I’m like what are you talking about he tells me what happen I’m like I never did anything, he goes on about how I don’t run :censored2: and that I’m lying, that’s when E interjects and tells him what happened, he walks off mad that a union worker backed me. Fast forward to today two of my guys call out so for 2 straight hrs I’m splitting and pulling for 5 cars. I then go to my supervisor and tell him to call a driver I need help. He calls Brian, brian speaks little to English. Problem is Brian isn’t helping split the belt leaving the new hire to do it alone, can’t train her properly because I’m doing a 1100 piece pull. I am a little agitated about the no shows so I lose my :censored2: I’m like Brian help her split she’s a new hire and when she calls you to get your packages off the belt get out your truck and get them :censored2:s. He doesn’t say a word looks at me and smirks. I keep noticing he’s doing it again, I stop the belt and approach him in the car and tell him to get out the car and split the belt you’re clean :censored2: all that flipping labels and sequencing :censored2:. He flat out says your not my boss I don’t have to listen to you. I went to get my boss, he went get a steward the steward comes over ask what happens Brian is like he called me a F’er/honestly I might have. My boss is like no he didn’t Brian is like go ask Jim who does the end pull on the opposite side 9 cars down/same race btw. I’m like hold up ask the new hire and Kieth who works next to the new hire. Both vouched for me. so the steward said that there was nothing here and left. The harassing steward comes in for his delivery about an hr later and right off the bat spews out that dignity and respect bull :censored2:. I’m like I didn’t say any of that another steward already handled it and didn’t I tell you to stop talking to me, I threw my hand up as a form of dismissal and walked off. He storms up behind me, shoulder brushed me then cut me off and said to the office now, I continue to ignore him come back with the hub manager who ask me to come to the office to plead my case which I never got to plead and he sent me home to “cool off”. I hate to be the stick in the ass tho I just come to work for the check and to check tf out. What could I do about this ? Sorry for the errors and the rambling lol. I’m just so pissed that I couldn’t defend myself.
  2. Fire them all, problem solved

    You're welcome
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    Sounds like you are a new sup, my suggestion is chill out and learn the ropes. Nobody likes a hot shot coming in and trying act tough and hard. How long has the steward been at ups for? If he has been there awhile I would try not to piss him off, sounds like he knows your boss better then you do. Give it a few months before you start to go off on any employees and build a relationship with this steward and workers. If not expect this to happen a lot more in the future.
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    So, you’re a racist supervisor who was progressing packages, and you want help from a forum mainly made up of pissed off Teamsters? Lmao.
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    Two months working for UPS and this is the best UPS could find to manage others. It's no wonder things are the way they are here.
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    I dont condone drug use of any form, but you need to be on Xanax. Just Wow!
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    I've been a PT sup for a few years now. Best thing I can suggest is DOCUMENT EVERYTHING! Then when you have time (Ie: not covering for no shows/having a heated discussion) discuss it with either your direct supervisor or another full time manager. Bring in the people that were a part of the issue (always with the shop steward), record the conversations, and follow the disciplinary process of official verbal warning, warning letter, suspension, etc etc. There's no need to make anything personal. Just keep your head and don't give in to the taunting/testing. More experience will help you most.
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    This. If your guys have decided you're a :censored2:ing idiot, you won't have much luck having a good working relationship with them.
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    I’m the racist good day to y
    The same teamsters who got preloaders a $3.50 raise in 30 yrs, yeah that’s who I want leading us. Good day sir.
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    Waaaaaaaaaaaaa. I work part time and don’t want to work full time but wanna be paid full time wages. Waaaaaaaaaaa.
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    That’s the problem I’m not like that I don’t give af about the union non union :censored2:
    Because I said that in the OP, clearly you can’t read. Have a good day :censored2:ing idiot.
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    it’s our own fault for promoting someone so completely inexperienced
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    Fire fire fire
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    Boo :censored2:ing hoo mr I’ve been here 20 years and I know it all, since you know it all tell me why the preloaders only got a 3.50 raise in 30 years if not shut the :censored2: please and good day sir
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    Because they don't vote at contract time. Can I still talk or do I have to STFU now?
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    because you don’t go to Union meetings or vote on contracts

    was that a serious question?
  20. You talking about @Future ?