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    I recently attended a driving school to become an air driver but it wasn't integrad, which was about three months ago. Now a full time bid sheet is up and it says you must attend integrad to get hired full time. We had a kid about four months ago get hired full time without having to attend integrad. Is there anything I can do to avoid having to go to integrad like file a grievance or anything???
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    Can you prove someone before you(in the recent past) went full time driving without ever having to do integrad training? If so file a grievance.

    Edit: Not sure which article you'd file under, but I'm sure someone will chime in with it.

    Also I don't know what integrad entails, buy it's probably to your benefit to take it. As much as this company sucks about some things, their training is one of those things that if you take and follow you're able to say "I did exactly as I was trained to do" and avoid much discipline.
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    Ya the thing is they have used me as a step up driver probably 20 days and all bit three of those I ran the full route myself. The kid who didn't have to attend integrad his dad is a union steward at our center....we have a full time bid up for 5 drivers and I'm the 5th highest bidder and the kid who is 1 just got his 30 dayso drivindriving yesterday and they're making him go to integrad too bit he's already been to the same school I attended.
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    When your opportunity presents itself due to seniority to go from part time to full time driving, the company has 30 days to decide if they want you for that position.
    There is little to no contractual language as to what you need to do to qualify.
    I would think grieving, or even resisting integrad would be a terrible first impression.
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    I dont see what the big deal is. I signed an air bid last year and they sent me to integrad, then signed the reg temp list and whenever I get my 30 days in I will be able to go FT whenever the time comes. Integrad is way more in depth than any other school. Plus you get paid driver wage, mileage, a nice hotel, and free food lol. You will be better off in the long run from the extra training. Plus since you know a little bit it should be a piece of cake. We have drivers that didn't go to integrad, which makes no sense because the standard should be the same for everyone So I like that UPS is making that a requirement now.
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    Take the money and run. Won't hurt to get the extra 40 hours.