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    So I've been a PT employee for about 9 years now. I went to class last year in September to become a Saturday air/exception air driver (full week course - testing and diad triaining). I was called yesterday by HR to become a FT package driver and was told I would be required to attend Integrad. When asking the other drivers about Integrad and whether they had to attend, just about all 55 drivers we have said they have never heard of Integrad and just 3 people have had to go (after already passing our home class and all 3 were Saturday air/exception drivers like me). My question being, if we have already passed the class at our home area, why are we required to attend Integrad? Also if I for some reason fail the class (which sounds like a possibility due to the failure rate) will I get bucked from the FT list for 6 months? If this is the case I feel it's BS since no other drivers have had to attend (some even got passed up on having to go in recent months due to it "being closed").
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    You will get a 40 hour week and it will be THE easiest money you will ever make at UPS. And if you fail, it's because you are not ready to become a FT driver.

    UPS and the training sup wants you to succeed in integrad. Believe it.

    It costs quite a bit of money to run that program, so it's not surprising that it is closed sometimes.

    I went through integrad in 2009 and it definitely helped me prepare to be a FT driver.
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    When I took the on road class, integrad was closed. Easiest money ever made.
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    News flash ...UPS has a few extra bucks, it could be open 364 (no labor day).