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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by AKCoverMan, Jan 1, 2013.

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    Here in the Last Frontier my son received a package in the mail that was surepost. I looked at the tracking.. it went UPS from Pennsylvania to Washington (state) in 4 days.. then disappeared for 13 days until it was finally delivered.

    I thought the model with surepost was to go ups to the post office of the zip code of the receiver not to a post office in another state.
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    Thank you for reporting this service failure.
    Luv ya... UPS.
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    The PO is crazy. I'm there everyday and can hardly believe some of the stuff. During peak they were diverting trucks full of mail to other zip codes for processing and then that post office would fill out an excessive amount of paperwork and divert it somewhere else. I bet it ended up back in the original zip code.
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    The post office has and is consolidated it's processing centers it's getting off 226, 140 buy Feb 2013.

    We use to have a processing center at my local post office. You would put a piece of mail in the mail for a place in area and it would get delivered the next day. Now it takes a couple of days as it get shipped out of state or to the other end of the state to get sorted and processed and than gets shipped back to get delivered.
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    You must really live out in the sticks. Read the fine print on Surepost. We just deliver it to the closest post office that doesn't use mushers for the final mile.:happy-very: