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    In the State of AZ, the Law states that every DUI conviction requires an Interlocking Device on the vehicle that you drive. However if you drive for a living (UPS driver) the company signs the waiver saying that they acknowledge the driver has the interlocking device on their personal car but not needed on the company car. well UPS used to sign the waiver, but a few months ago they stopped.. a union rep told me "its their company, they can do what they want"
    my question to you all... have you had any drivers in your centers or building receive a DUI and were allowed to drive? I have a valid license and Ive done all of the aftercare programs that they required me to attend
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    I give up----whats an interlocking devise?
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    I suspect its the "blow before you drive" device. If you have had anything to drink the vehicle won't start up, and I think it take about an hour before you can try again (so you don't try & fail and then go grab a buddy). Its been a few years since any drivers in my building got a first DUI, so I'm not sure what goes on now. Although earlier in the year we had a guy canned for his 2nd....way to go, stupid driver :)
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    In this case if it happened here,they would give the driver inside work until the device is no longer required by law.
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    Can you imagine this as a method.

    Don't drink and drive
    Call a cab
    Think about the other people on the road
    It's not all about YOU
    Dont drink and drive
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    That doesn't form a clever acronym.
    Work on it.
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    DITCH that idea about driving drunk...
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    To answer the OP's original question;

    The company is no longer signing the waivers. We had a driver in a similar situation who became eligible for a "hardship" license (that allowed him to drive to and from work only) after a 90-day suspension, but the company would not sign the waiver so he had to wait a full year (until his license no longer had any restrictions) before driving again. It is now the company's position that they are not obligated under the contract to sign any sort of waivers and that compliance with any applicable state laws is the sole responsibility of the employee.
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    I'm sure like anything else at UPS it depends how much they need you. If its peak they may sign it for you. Otherwise, UPS really doesn't care about you.
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    Don't drink and drive
    It's not all about you
    Call a cab
    Keep your keys locked in the trunk

    Have a designated driver
    Eat enough so you don't act a fool
    Ask yourself if you've had too many
    Don't not think about the other people on the road

    Hows that????
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    you got it.
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    absolutely right.. do NOT drink n drive.. I made a dumb DUMB mistake.. in the state of AZ.. its a zero tolerance state.... cant even have 1 drink and drive.. please learn from my mistake !