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    Its getting harder to find websites that sell items that are not taxed anymore. Some companies are fighting, but the tax man is finding ways around it to get your money.
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    The point of this thread was about "sales tax" and the internet, so Ill make two points on this since moreluck made it political.

    1) all politicians make errors on taxes, some get away with it and some have to make it right after its discovered. McCaskill has made it right, all money paid to the goverment, case closed.

    This doesnt make her a bad person or unfit for office, and if it does in "someones" mind, then Sarah Palin would have to suffer that same fate.

    Sarah Palin was ordered to pay back taxes on money she improperly took while governor of Alaska and she has had to pay the taxes on that money. So, if you believe Claire McCaskill is a bad person, then Sarah Palin should be first on the list as her failure to pay taxes came long before McCaskills.

    2) Internet sales taxes are a MUST in this country. As each state is losing revenue everyday, everyweek, everymonth and everyear, the internet is furthering that loss.

    Revenue streams in each state are shrinking. Property taxes are not being paid,
    People are spending less in retail stores, people are registering cars, boats and trucks in other states to avoid fees.

    The internet, while convenient to us "all" gives us the opportunity to find a cheaper price on goods and "evade" sales taxes in the process. The intended consequence would be to "save" money as a buyer but the unintended consequence is the loss of revenue to our states.

    This loss of revenue continues to climb each and every year. As this number increases, the need to RAISE taxes on other things in the state grows. There needs to be an offset to recover this money and the state has no choice but to find items to tax in the state that people cannot evade like:

    soda pop
    fast food
    etc etc etc

    Things like this you cannot get on the internet and it would be unlikely to evade paying a tax on them. As long as "WE" the people evade paying sales taxes in our states, the states will have no choice but to tax other things in the meantime.

    Each state has a large budget to handle, infrastructure costs money, and if a state cannot collect the most basic type of tax then that infrastructure will collapse.

    There are many children to teach, many people who are sick, many people who are broke, many people who are unemployed and many people who commit crimes, and cutting services related to each of these problems isnt the answer.

    We can never use less police or less fireman. This is a violent country and the violence increases year after year. Firemen are needed daily and emergencies hit this country with such frequency that reducing firemen would be detrimental.

    It may seem like a simple thing, avoiding a sales tax on the internet, but multiplied by a million people a day ends up costing each state millions of dollars that could otherwise stop other taxes imposed on us so at the end of the day, what did you really save shopping on the internet?

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    I can understand how Mrs. McCaskill could let something like that get by. Most big ticket items, like planes, carry a personal property tax that is usually paid yearly. With the kind of schedules she and her husband are bound to keep, forgetting something like this would be very easy to do. The article that I read earlier today stated that she was the one that noticed the taxes had not been paid on time and made corrective measures. She took full responsibility and made it right. As far as I can see, no harm no foul.
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    Yeah, I always forget when the personal property taxes are due on our plane !!! We had personal property taxes in Utah and couldn't even license your car unless you paid them! I'm skeptical.
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    But it doesn't work that way everywhere. My property taxes on the house I live in are included with the mortgage payment, that wasn't so with the property that I owned in the country. Every year when I received the tax bill from the appraisal district I would have about 3 months to get it paid and I would not pay it that soon. If I didn't set up some type of reminder making that payment would slip my mind and would invariably be a few days late. It seems that so many people do the same thing that the district just says no problem and assesses no late penalty. although I figure that is I was 4 or 5 months delinquent there would be a fine of some amount.
    Give me a break here More, I'm taking up for a democrat and that is hard enough as it is.
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    Not disagreeing with the premise of you post, but I do have one question. Since when is any tax not political? LOL
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    LOL true.