Interview after the tour? also How hard is the labor

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    Okay so i finally found out how to post a thing. Excuse the noobness

    Well last week I was invited to an information session, the tour i guess, even though there was no one working? So we passed into a room and started discussing the job. I asked many questions and in the end i was told to wait for a call.

    I got one today and they asked if i was interested blah blah blah... it ended with i have an interview tomorrow at 2pm and i was told to bring to froms of i.d. like a social security number or birth certificate & drivers license...

    so I got that for tomorrow.. umm what can i expect? question wise and i don't know,, any advice you might have? what to wear?

    and how does the hiring process work.
    its for the hub in cerrtios CA.

    and how hard is the labor? for some like me: i weight around 260lbs im 6'1 and i lift heavy weights.

  2. thelus

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    Get ready for hell. You ever seen marine boot camp videos, its kind of like that.
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    Hello and welcome
    At your interview they'll probably ask if you can do hard work and if you can make it to work every day.

    I don't know the particulars of the hub you're speaking of but most centers/hubs are hiring seasonal help for the summer.

    It's hard work. Hectic, dirty, loud and thankless. The pkgs just keep coming, coming and coming as if they are from the bowels of Hell.

    It's confusing because management will tell you to work by the "methods" of safety and so forth but once on the floor you'll find that they push productions and some of those safety methods fly right out the window. It's up to you to stay safe, not get hurt.

    Your size and strength will be helpful but I've seen many big guys crash and burn. It's not so much the physical stress as mental. You always feel that you're behind and not doing well enough. You'll also need thick skin and a backbone.

    Best of luck! It's actually a good job for many people.
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    Being strong helps, but it's more like a marathon. If you're 260 with a lot of body fat you can expect to lose a bunch of weight. If you are ripped you will have to adjust your diet to keep your body from cannibalizing itself for energy. No offense, but as a supervisor I've always preferred to get the "wiry" new hires. This body type seems to deal with the daily grind better than other types.
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    Thanks! I think it went well today, I showed interest in the job and let the interview know that I would be committed to the job for a few years. He said he'd call back after he had results from my background check.. Any idea how long it would take?
  6. IzzyTheNose

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    The length of the background check varies. It could be anywhere from a couple days, to a week, to even two weeks. Hang in there, and good luck.
  7. Jones

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    It's a physical job, but it's nowhere near as bad as some people are making it sound :rolleyes:, if you've got all your limbs and are in reasonably good health you'll be fine. UPS isn't looking for supermen/women, they're looking for someone who will come to work every day.
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    if you get it-be sure to SHOW UP every day,ON TIME,and make the most of it-think of the FUTURE,,almost everyone has to pay their dues to move up.and be sure to let us know how much it sucks being on will get better