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    I recently applied for a part-time Package Handler at the Hialeah, FL Hub/Warehouse ( or whatever it's called :happy-very: ) and I have an interview scheduled for next week. I'm not really worried about the actual interview, but I am worried about what to wear to the interview.

    I was planning on wearing a pair of nice blue jeans and a collared button-up short sleeve shirt with a comfortable pair of sneakers. I figured if I'll be working inside a hot warehouse I wouldn't need to wear a suit and tie, which is why I wanted to wear something I'd be comfortable in. Also, should I tuck the shirt in? I really do hate tucking my shirts in, but if it'll improve my odds I'll do it.

    Can anyone give me any feedback on what I should wear?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. I was always taught dress to impress but of course I have seen guys show up to the interviews in a shirt and a ratty, holey jeans and get hired. I felt out of place wearing khakis, a white shirt and tie and the guy next to me in a wave cap, a knicks jersey and some sweat pants
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    Thanks for the response. I forgot to ask, should I bring my resume, or will I not even need it?
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    you dont need it but again, you want to set yourself apart from everyone else so do what you think is best.
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    Your plan sounds good to me. It won't kill you to tuck the shirt in. You'll probably be one up on the others. Remember, first impressions are important. Good luck and let us know how you make out.