iPods/Music While Loading? (package handler)

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    Hi.... just got hired as a preload package handler and didn't ask about music. I saw several preload guys with ipods on (cords tucked under shirts, etc, so no snag issues) and they were just loading like regular. Is listening to music allowed? Is there a company wide policy or is it more variable place to place?
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    As long as you have one ear open it's ok.
  3. LKLND3380

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    Our District safety said NO EARPHONES at all... It prevents you from hearing (directional) over the machine noise...

    SIKDMAX New Member

    Howd these guys do it then? I was in for my interview/tour this morning and 3 guys on the unload dock (unloading feeders) had ipod headphones in) so....?

    Is that company wide policy or what? Seems like things were pretttttttttty lax there.
  5. rod

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    some places they is and some places they is:punk:nt
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    when i was a loader in my hub, they wouldn't let p timers in with cell phones either. i never understood why. Also when i was loading, a bunch of guys had radios which no one minded. i think it was something like, as long as your not bringing it in and out of the hub everyday they were cool with it. Like i said tho i just didn't understand the no cell phone thing and the no i pod thing.

    people did sneak cell phone and i pods in. I would try and bring mine in as much as i could. the security would always bust my chops. they also would not let me bring a book bag in the hub with a change of clothes, they stopped bothering after i went to management with that one.
  7. many people use ipods in my area.

    load, unload, sort, and even the guys that drive the ireg carts.

    i also see people talking on phones while sorting.
  8. SmithBarney

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    I tried using my ipod for a while it was a bother, so when preloading
    I just used my drivers stereo... ;)
  9. mathematics

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    they are worried about workers stealing iPods and cell phones that people ship. this happens to be a huge problem at my hub.
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    Sometimes it seems that UPS policy changes with the wind. My building has two centers. Some of the policies at my center contradict some policies at the other center only 250 feet away. They love to keep us going in circles.:huh:
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    It is different in each building. In mine we have zero security. You can show up with 20 ipods and 15 cell phones.

    In the large hubs they have security you have to go through upon entering the property.The security dudes check your backpack, coat pockets. make you roll up your pant legs. use a metal detecting wand over your body, etc...

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    Same here - 0. Before i was part of Team Brown i had a shipping acct (well, still do) and would make drop offs every day by walking into the bay and setting them on the back conveyors, etc. Guys were always wayy chill.

    I go in for driver helper training this evening... gonna get to double Preload with drivers helper and rake in the $$$ :)
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    If you do, leave one earbud out and turn that crap down. I keep a pile of smalls for throwing at people who are oblivious to whats going on because they're wearing both earbuds and can't hear crap. It definitely helps getting into a rhythm though.
  14. PassYouBy

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    I use Macally MTUNE-N2 Cordless Stereo Headset for iPod Nano. Pretty dang good sound for the price!! + No wires to get in your way!!!!!!!!!!! Plus you can still hear whats going on around you if you do not have them too loud.
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    Umm, I'd suggest you wait until you've mastered the task at hand before bringing anything like that in. The work's not too difficult mentally, especially if the center is using PAS, but there is a learning curve. And since PEAK season will be here soon, I suspect you'll be bounced around different work areas, requiring you to quickly absorb hastily shouted instructions. Any mistakes made will have consequences, ranging from missing service commitments to serious injury to yourself or others.
  16. LKLND3380

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    We had two or three people in the unload get busted at my center for stealing cellphones... I didn't know what happened until a week later...

    The way they got caught was, one of the guys activated the phone on their account. All the phone company had to do was trace the ESN...

    They way I found out was a guy on my belt was called in for jury duty the same day these "former" co-workers were going before the judge. I don't know what happened beyond that but a $30~$200 phone is not worth going to jail for...
  17. PassYouBy

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    I say I have to agree!
  18. Joopster

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    In Columbus we are not allowed to bring that stuff in the building. Security won't allow it.

    That being said, I take mine in, you just have to know where to put it. I put both earbuds in and jack Howard Stern all the way up. Never had any sup say anything to me. All though I have heard others who have had their :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: taken by the supervisors in other areas.

    Feel your way around, and if you can have them and they want one ear free, then so be it, better than nothing.
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    I know this is a little off topic, but besides theft, one of the reasons that wireless devices (especially Bluetooth associated devices), are not allowed in operational facilities is that they can conflict with some of the technologies UPS uses. Not good if we can't upload our scans because someone didn't adhere to the guidelines.
  20. RockinRobin

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    I can understand why a hard physical job like being a "Loader" would want music. It's like being at the Gym when you are hossing around 50 or 70 lb boxes and building walls in your trailers. Music sure would help.
    That being said, most hubs do not allow iPods or Cell Phones in and out of the facilities. Like posted earlier, security is there to stop theft. A few bad apples (and stupid apples - not knowing the ESN of the Cell Phones can be traced) spoil it for the rest of the crew and actually steal and try to activate or sell cell phones on eBay. Crazy. iPods are easier because they don't need to be registered, but there may be a hidden ESN on an iPod when you go to the Apple Store (iTUNES) that would trigger a trace to the thief. Not worth it.

    Some PT loaders I have seen smuggle in their iPods or Cell Phones, and use earbuds. If you are caught, you stand the chance of having them confiscated and security accusing you of theft. Can you prove they are YOUR property? Sure. But you have broken a hard and fast rule. NO iPods or Cell Phones. Just like no Non-Steel-Toe boots. Some dodge this. Crazy. I've had heavy packages fall on my toes. Steel Toe boots saved me. Some Supes look the other way. They are more concerned about getting the job done, and don't worry about earbuds. Some Supes bust you for it. It's a roll of the dice.

    Still, I'd love music. Wish we could. Supes are allowed to have their cell phones. They are "Registered" with security so we are told. I've never seen a PT Supe with earbuds. They just have the phones for communication... I suppose. :wink2: