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    I sure hope this Iran guy is as lame as this article makes him out to be. Sounds like he's all talk and nothing to back it up. I'm glad the other countries are shunning him.

    As usual, the ordinary citizens are the ones who suffer from a mad leader.
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    Remember what Israel did to iraq's nuke program a couple decades back.

    Much more often than we realize --history repeats itself
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    Yeah the same thing the US did to Iraq's WMD program.. oh wait nevermind.

    Anyway, perhaps there will be an unfortunate accident... hrmmm
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    Its only a matter of time until several square miles of Iran gets reduced to a glass factory.
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    U.S. built major Iranian nuclear facility: South Florida Sun-Sentinel

    Maybe the real source of our nightmares are not with a man across the pond but rather the group of men who hold the reigns of power in Washington DC. What decisions they make today will mean 10, 20, 30, etc. years out?
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    Fred Kaplan is no fan of the our current president.
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    Not many Americans are anymore.
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    Fred's not alone!

    Not a Clue by Charley Reese
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    I suppose Fred Kaplan and Charley Reese would have just sat at home and crossed their fingers when the Japanese bombed Peal Harbor and Hitler was getting ready to take over the world. Hitler only killed a few million Jews before we finally were rid of him; oops, wait a minute according to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that didn't happen.

    As the respectable, smart, and sane leader of a country like Iran (at least Mike Wallace says he's smart and handsome) I'd often find myself saying I should wipe another country off the face of the map. That way I can be more respected amongst my terrorist friends and their families and the next I'm over for dinner we'll have something to talk about.

    He is also urging the Iranians to get ready to take over the world. Hmm, see any similarities with our friend Hitler? Wow, now there's someone who should have a nuke:wink:

    If Charley had his way Iran could have nukes and Bush is labeled an idiot.

    Bush may not be the most articulate, well spoken President we've had; nor would he go down in history for the way he presents himself. However, he's not wiping anyone off the map either and it's just a matter of time before the likes of Iran, Al-qaida, Hezbollah, Hamas etc try to do just that because their religious convictions insist on it.:mad:
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    Hey Iran please send your navy over here.
    I liked to see your best ships try to cross the Atlantic .
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    East Coast could use the target practice!
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    I was thinking more about all the storms currently in the Atlantic, the logistics of refueling and resupplying his ships at sea and about the amount of sailors who at first port of call will disappear.
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    Iran sucks in many, many ways...this is just one...........

    , November 13, 2011 @ 9:02 am | Iran: Regime Orders Women Not To Ski Unless They Have a Male Guardian…
    Because what turns men on more than women in puffy ski jackets?

    TEHRAN — The first snow of the season fell in Tehran this week, but female ski bums planning to carve fresh lines at one of the three resorts in the Alborz mountain range will be able to hit the slopes only if they are accompanied by a male guardian.

    A police circular, reported Thursday on the pro-government EtedaalWeb site, states that women and girls are no longer allowed to ski in the absence of a husband, father or brother.
    The mandate of Iran’s morality police is currently being broadened by hard-liners attempting to roll back reforms enacted under former president Mohammad Khatami. The current government says the reforms led to a lack of observance of religious dress codes, among other things.
    Iran’s ski resorts became something of a haven from the Islamic dress code — and from laws against boys and girls mixing. Young people would mix and meet on the mountains, while some women would ski without their head scarves in the resorts of Dizin and Shemshak, known for their abundance of fresh powder.

    Monitoring the miles-long slopes proved difficult for the morality police. Unfamiliar with skiing, officers were often unable to pursue the affluent young of northern Tehran, with their greater experience on the slopes. It is unclear whether the police will do any better trying to check the relationships of those heading out to the popular resorts
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    Atleast they can't file for sexual harrasment and bring politicians wanna be's down , eh ? ;)
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    Klein, I took it upon myself to move your post about Iran war to the Iran thread. You put it under Herman Cain......wth?

    Klein's Post.......
    "There is another war brewing along (Iran).
    Hope you'll be happy with another republican candidate and will do it alone like Bush did to Iraq."

    Republicans won't wait until the world (UN and/or Nato) agree to attack.
    So, have fun at it !

    Your comments are snide and mean spirited! Republicans don't declare war......Congress & the President have a hand in that and that includes D. & R's