Is indirect signature service available to consumers? (NO DR/SDN)

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  1. AssistantSanta

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    Personally, I sell things I don't need/no longer use on eBay. I don't sell in great volume, so I don't receive any discount through FedEx or UPS.

    PayPal requires all high value items go as signature required in order to cover yourself, but even for low value items, if the customer is a newbie, I sometimes ship as signature required.

    Myself as buyer, I prefer to have things shipped US Mail, because its quite a drive to UPS Customer Center(which serves the entire metro area) while post office is very close.

    While standard residential delivery maybe left or require a signed notice at driver's discretion, I noticed something new while working as a driver's helper. The signature required in person or the note maybe signed.

    "Apple Shipment NO DR/SDN OK" as it shows on DIAD.

    So,the consignee can either let UPS try three times, arrange will call, or elect to assume the risk and have it left at the door. I think FedEx "indirect signature" is comparable.

    Is this a service available or soon to be available to every shipper?
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    According to the Apple website, consignees can sign for the shipment online after the order has been placed. This will produce an electronic shipment release form which the consignee will then leave for the driver with instructions where the pkg should be left. The consignee can also leave a Signed Delivery Notice which the driver will take with him after completing the delivery.

    UPS My Choice was designed to make it easier for the consignee to receive their packages. Consignees can electronically sign for their packages online and the driver will follow the DIAD prompts to deliver their packages. I had one last week--there was an "E" in EDD and when I scanned the package I was asked if I wanted to assign an Electronic Delivery Notice to this package, which I did. I then DR'd as usual.
  3. AssistantSanta

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    My question was, if the shipping service is available for consumer SHIPPERS... but what you said is interesting and I thought I'd follow up.

    Those Apple packages shows up with an "n" marked just to the left of address which just means notes. When I scan it, it pops up a banner on upper right and beeps. Even if I do NotIn, it pops up a full screen banner kind of like the shipper release one right after I hit stop complete.

    I've seen a package with "E" on the left, but I wasn't what that means. How do you use the "EDN" soft key anyways?
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    There is no EDN soft key. When you have an "E" delivery the DIAD asks whether you wish to assign a EDN to that package--you select yes or no and complete the stop accordingly.
  5. AssistantSanta

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    I'm fairly certain there is. When I was doing SDN which I think gets assigned to F4, I remember seeing "EDN" right above F2. I will look again today.
  6. brownmonster

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    I don't know how many of these Apple deliveries I've had since it's inception but I've NEVER had a customer leave an elecronic shipment release at the door for me. Apparently they would rather have me come back the next day. These are the same people that don't read a delivery notice until you leave one that says FINAL ATTEMPT.
  7. HomeDelivery

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    this happens to me alot on my end; they do print them out and also has a request on where to leave their electronic parcel at their home

    i treat it as an indirect signature & scan a signature card barcode
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    I had that for the first time a few weeks ago.
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    eBay: UPS Shipping Zone
    Save something like 23% on Ground, more on air. Ironic that I get a better discount on service through PayPal than I do through Brown.
    Exactly why I sometimes circle "Final attempt" on my first attempt.