Is Iran Next?

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    I know about the nuke deal and the hardline Islamic positions that come out of Iran but I still will ask this question. Could this have to do with the fact that Iran is planning to open a oil commodities exchange this spring and will compete directly with the only 2 points of sale for all oil globally and that is New York and London and all oil transactions are required to take place in dollars. Iran has no such plan to trade in dollars and will in fact trade via other currency. It's also ironic that the status quo was manitained with Saddam Hussien and Iraq until the late 90's early 2000's when he started brokering oil for euro's instead of for dollars. Not a peep about the 1000's and 1000's he had killed.

    Now to really place a spin on this. George Soros, hedgefund investor and known globally as one of the foremost currency investors and traders took up a huge anti-GW campaign in the 2004' election via his backing of Did anyone ever venture to ask why would this globalist take such a position or did he have a truly caring heart. Or could it be he had a huge stake in euros and the toppling of Saddam and the crushing of the Iraq oil for euro trading that was taking place was building hurt his investment.

    Oil trading in US dollars is the only thing holding our dollar up. If this goes bye-bye then the global expansion of Empirical corp. might of the US goes with it. Don't fret, it won't go away. Like it left England 200 years ago and started it's migration here so it will migrate to the next empire they decide to build up. Wars are always about economics, Always! Even the American Revolution was about economics. For England that is. Once the American colonies (and it's wealth potential which was the point to begin with) were lost for good after the War of 1812' the might of the British Empire began it's slow decent into the pages of history and England was never the same. Are we at the same crossroads as the once mighty England was 200 years ago? Follow the money!
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    Just to stir the pot for fun, who will take America's spot?

    China! Oh yeah, I'm serious.

    Chinese president stresses commitment to peaceful development in New Year Address
    Sat Dec 31 2005 09:22:59 ET

    BEIJING Chinese President Hu Jintao reiterated China's strong commitment to peaceful development in his New Year Address broadcast Saturday to domestic and overseas audience via state TV and radio stations.

    "Here, I would like to reiterate that China's development is peaceful development, opening development, cooperative development and harmonious development," Hu said.

    "The Chinese people will develop ourselves by means of striving for a peaceful international environment, and promote world peace with our own development," Hu said in the address broadcast by China Radio International, China National Radio and China Central Television.

    He said the Chinese people are willing to join with peoples of all nations in the world to promote multilateralism, advance the development of economic globalization toward common prosperity, advocate democracy in international relations, respect the diversity of the world and push for the establishment of a new international political and economic order that is just and rational.

    He pledged that China will adhere to its fundamental national policy of opening to the outside world, continue to improve the investment environment and open the market, carry out international cooperation in a wide range of areas and seek to attain mutual benefits and win-win results with all countries in the world.

    He mentioned in particular that China will do its best to help developing countries accelerate development and help people suffering from war, poverty, illnesses and natural calamities in the world.
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    How can you say such a thing? America only fights wars to free oppressed populations from the tyranny of brutal dictators. To suggest that we risk our brave soldiers lives for the economic gain of the ruling class is downright unpatriotic, if not treasonous.

    The Iranian Theocracy is on the verge of collapsing due to our clever importation of a Western lifestyle to its people. They will welcome us as liberators.

    Honestly, where do you come up with these fantasies?
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    mac I have to agree with suzie on this one. I'm thrilled to hear she is now supporting our position on removing muderous dictators who have used WMD's.
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    Iran simply needs to be westernized and they will capitulate. Ski lodges in the mountains. Beach resorts in the south. Hip , chic clothing stores in all the towns that cater to the easily duped teens of Iran. Pump in some NFL football for the men to watch coupled with beer commercials. Westernization the ultimate drug can secure this one.
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    I seem to remember something about a 'Shah of Iran', way back in the 1970's. Whatever happened with him?
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    Did I mention the inclusion of carbonated beverages. You cannot effectively overthrow a theocracy without introducing the ultimate wmd combination of Coke and Pepsi.
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    Actually I got both directly from today's Drudge Report. Not exactly the bastion of wailing Bush haters. I found it all very interesting in light of this from just a few days ago.

    I believe I posted a link within the last few days of published papers and testimonies before the Congress on the military importance of removing Hussien from power in Iraq and them democratizing the nation. All of these were published/given more than a year prior to the events of 9/11 and we heard nothing publically from this adminstration about bringing down the Iraqi gov't prior to that point. Is Saddam Slime? Oh Absolutely. But who put him there or better yet who has given him aid and comfort over the years prior to his forray into Kuwait? The US gov't via it's so-called intelligence wing. Who trained and promoted Osama bin Laden with the Mujihaden during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan? US covert intelligence via private mercenary forces and black opts so again in both cases we have the US creating a future enemy in this case it's a 2 fer. Who created the Soviet Union? American Banking interests in the 20's and 30's with US gov't blessing and thank god the Japanese bombed Pearl in 41' so we could go directly to Europe and start bailing out the Soviets as they had there hands full with the Germans. Lend/Lease kept Soviets alive. Was it a mistake the Soviets were allowed in first as Patton was told to stand still as the Soviets got first dibbs of some good German technology. Ask Prescott Bush, GW's grandfather about what it cost a bank if they are found to be guilty under the trading with the enemy act. Why is it that Vietnam came to an end once the Golden Triangle was secured and controlled for the US intelligence community just as in previous years this area was control by the British and the East India Tea Company. Is it ironic that a little known US intelligence operative from Vietnam who had an office in the Texaco building in Saigon was also present at Yalta with FDR and Stalin and who latter lead a war again his very employer. The man? Ho Chi Min. Who was the store bought General who controlled the central Amercian drug trade that we finally had to send in US troops to arrest? What gov't was it that put him there?

    Are these nothing but ravings of a series of conspiratorial nuts over the years? Sure, it's possible but of all these, 2 facts are well beyond dispute in any circle. Both Saddam and Osama were trained, protected and armed by the US gov't and the American CIA. So if this is true here and we also know they lie then why is it so outlandish to consider the other charges don't have some ground of merit also? Like I said in an earlier post, go down to the gov't offices and read their own documents because what you will find will be eye opening.

    I mean this in the most respectful way but watch some of the programs on the History channel from time to time like the one last night on the American 20th century drug use. Listen to the lies being told back in the early 1900's about some types of people and drugs just to open the door for the federal gov't to expand police powers they never had and the founding fathers never intended them to have. Don't get me wrong, drugs are not something to play around with but who was it that experimented with LSD? CIA. Where did the drug extasy come from. It's chemical compound is called MDMA or the common street name in the 70's was MDA. It was the Germans who first toyed with chemicals to explode seritonon output in the brain but it was Eli Lilly who synthisized the compounds into what is extasy. They hold the patent. Eli Lilly was/is a major CIA operative company. What X-Files program did I find that? None, History Channel, last night from 9 pm to 10 pm. Check it out sometime!
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    Always an interesting argument meant to somehow discredit the need to remove Hussein. Clearly you cannot always expect to predict which person you support may develop a fetish for genocide and mass murder. If anything perhaps it puts the onus on our removing the S.O.B.
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    One important contributer to the conquering of Iran will have to be the abundant importation of processed foods such as Frito's and potato chips. To create a society that will quietly submit to televised westernization its important we fill their youths with high calorie soft drinks and snacks. Once they absorb these slovenly dietary habits they should be more so inclined to sit on their couch and absorb our westernized brainwashing.
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    Seems to work for you here.
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    Folks looks good . I think Susie and I have finally come to an agreement on foriegn policy.
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    Ironically, Iraq was a better candidate for westernization because the society was more exposed to secular ideas and thoughts. Saddam only embraced the Islamic world as a last resort to put off the western military advances. Iran is slowly sinking to secularism and it's pressures and instead of pushing that working agenda, it would appear we are planning another war or at least this appears to be alledged. Not real smart IMO.

    Based on the leaders we've elected in this country the last 150 years I do believe you made an excellent point!:wink:
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    One does not have to look very far in the world to see CIA meddling, ever heard of Castro and Cuba? He was the CIA backed hero of the revolution that turned sour.

    Add to that more than just rumors that the CIA is also the major illegal drug importer in the USA. Ever wonder why they protect the poppy crops in Pakistan from those that would destroy it?

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    you know, Danny, I always questioned the War on Drugs.

    They can't stop drugs, but they sure as hell jump on anyone trying to bring in a Cuban cigar.......think about it.

    Oh, and I'm not sure who "they" are, is, are....the heck with spell check, where's grammar check??!!:sad:
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    Ask OK, HE knows.

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    Good point about Cuba and Castro as I missed that one but the CIA list of foreign failures is pretty long. Here's a few links just for starters beginning with the pre-cursor of the CIA, the OSS and then onward. Notice the names of folks the OSS help build up during the WW2 years and who were our allies only to become our enemies. Just a constant and repeating song or error over the years or is there another story we haven't been told?
    This one on Allen Dulles is very interesting as it lists some domestic CIA related operations. It's also of interesting note that Dulles was on the Warren Commission and only 2 years prior had been fired by the very person who's murder they were investigating. Surely nothing should be read into that! Surely Oliver Stone's JFK was nothing but a contrived film by a disgruntled liberal! Here's a little side note of interest concerning the issue of CIA, Military Industrial Complex, etc. In the movie JFK, Donald Sutherland portrays a character known as "Mr X" and is a Air Force Colonel assigned to the military Presidential protection detail. Mr. X was in fact based on a true person and who's lines in the movie were the details of what he was saying publically. Below is a link to his book on the subject matter and worth the read. If you can't remember from the movie what Mr X said then I would encourage you to go back and watch it just for that 10 minute dialogue. It's dead on!

    Through the middle of the last century til the present, the American Intelligence community has had failure after failure after failure and now here we are relying on them again concerning Iran's nuke program. The Iranian's have publically admitted the presence and ramping up but what would you do if them to ask an honest question?

    Now we comeback to the events of 9/11 and Osama bin Laden. I would suggest reading the 2 articles below to get just a small glimse of the picture. It would do well to read further but the point is to note the involvement of the CIA, our own gov't under both democrat and republican presidents and just of the remote chance we've been fed something not of complete truth and openness concerning how the events of the last 5 years and going back to 1993' have taken place.

    In the 3rd section on the Afghan Mujahideen we find the folowing quote:

    "Following the Soviet retreat, many of the larger Mujahideen groups began to fight each other. After several years of this fighting, a village mullah organized religious students into an armed movement, with the backing of Pakistan, who was being funded by the United States, which found the existing Northern Alliance government to be too Russia-influenced. This movement became known as the Taliban, meaning "students", and referring to the Saudi-backed religious schools which produced Islamic fundamentalism along the pacific coast of Asia. With each success the Taliban had, their popularity and numbers grew."

    So we found the Northern Alliance to be too Russian influenced so we backed the other side that became the Taliban. I believe someone here made the statement concerning gov't that they had never had their Ox gored by gov't so what's the problem. Still want to maintain that position?

    Americans as a whole are truly good and wonderful people and mean no harm to anyone. Don't ever confuse any condemnation of the gov't as meaning a condemnation of the people. Some would argue it's those people that vote in the gov't which is true but when the people are never shown all the facts, then the conclusion they come too is not one based on all facts and could be considered a contrived conclusion at that. Take the time to read and consider many facts listed in the articles above and this is just the tip of the iceberg at best. I'm not asking you to wholeheartedly believe and endorse them but file them away and as time goes by use them in consideration when giving thought to the events and gov't of the current day.
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    OR can we say the Russians that we armed and helped during WW2 but yet they became a problem later on.

    And the Chinese who now can achieve an orbit with their missiles, something they could never do before the Clinton whorehouse gave them the technology?

    We do create the monsters we then have to later try and deal with. That is what happens when you have a government that has too much money and power.

    Bottom line is that in the last 100 years, many of the worlds butchers have gotten a lot of training in the early years here in the US of A.

    Susie, The Shah of Iran was evacuated out after riots broke out that could not be contained. A friend of mine was on the helicopter that flew him out to the airport. The military choppers that escorted him out fired the rockets and heavy machine guns on the crowded streets below, even though there was not any incoming fire. Killed hundreds if not thousands, including women and children. The Shah, it was disclosed, had cancer and died shortly there after.

    But of course you knew that already, but you did ask for some reason.:confused:1


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    I think she somehow thought the shah was an example of failed westernization when she posed the question. One reason Susie may be the availability of twinkies at the time. Many experts at the time were convinced that Iran could have been contained if we only had twinkies to airdrop into Iran. Unfortunately there was a shortage of twinkies at the time driven by a shortage of processed creme fillings.
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    Amen! When one is building empire then one tends to make bedfellows using the old principle of "if mine enemy is your enemy then we must be friends!" What we've seen starting 150 years ago in small scale of creeping gradualism bloosom forth in fullness during the mid-20th centruy as the American Empire and it's never looked back. We have become the empire our very founding fathers objected too and fought and died to seperate us from. Now we are the very enemy they would try and dethrone and even kill if need be if they were alive today! How can we be so dis-honorable to their memory?