Is it hard to get on at a small warehouse?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by jesus_saves, Jan 4, 2009.

  1. jesus_saves

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    I'm moving back to my old town and there is a ups building about four miles from where I will be staying. Will it be hard to get on because I hear the small buildings are the hardest. Thanks in advance guys
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    Right now yes because of the economic problems in the U.S. even if you do get on it will be pt not fulltime if thats what you were thinking and the job is grueling work for low pay just something to think about. Well good luck getting on!
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    He could always pray.
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    I am coming from a big hub in Houston, I was working there for a seasonal period. My ups ft supervisor and manager both let me know that I would have been coming back in Jan. I let them know that I have to moving back to Louisiana because things wasn't working for me and my wife in Houston. The ups my home town is only 4 miles away from where we will be staying. Yes I know it will be pt and the pay will suck but i'm looking at the bigger picture (the future) :D

    God Bless
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    Go for it....But have another job lined up too incase ups doesnt hire you :peaceful:
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    No matter what I will have two jobs lined up. But my wife cousin is a driver there so he talked to his sup and his sup will talk to the hub manager to see if they are any openings. He said I should have alot of +'s because during the seasonal period they only hired driver helpers and since I worked in the warehouse and know how everything operate I should be good. I talked to my manager at the houston hub tonight and I ask him if he can give me a written recommendation and he said he will give me a good hiring status *whatever that is*. So I hope all works out if not i'll just try to work for the big hub in New Orleans. Goodnight guys
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    If you know that big buildings are hubs why do you ask about little warehouse's?? If you did work in a hub where did the packages in the feeders go for delivery? I have my doubts that you worked as a seasonal employee in hub.
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    sorry was rushing and the name didn't pop up in my head.
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    LOL I thought the title of the thread was .........."hard to get on at a small WHOREHOUSE"
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    I'm soooooo going to hell for this one.....

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    Well, first off i believe he was a seasonal at the Houston hub because when i first started at the Houston hub seasonal would be hired. This year i saw boat loads of tours near the beginning of peak for both midnight shift and the sunrise(similar hours as preload's but loading and unloads trailers).

    Anyways as far as the advice goes i would recommend making the trip to the hub in New Orleans. There you will PLENTY of more opportunities open up then if you go to a small center.

    At a hub you will have the opportunity one day to get a combo job, revenue auditor, different sorts to pick from based on you life changes and of course the motherload... FEEDERS(I'm a part time feeder shifter) at smaller center very few runs extremely high seniority levels.

    I recently won a bid/transfer opportunity to go full time at a small center in SW Houston. It would of been instant full time with a route of my own. I turned it down since and said center there are probably 4 feeder runs looked like all have 20+ years with the same driver. Hence the lack of opens in feeders. At the Houston hub there are over 120+ runs with openings yearly.

    UPS wanted to push that volume down to the SW since far southern building hat gotten larger and absorbed some of SW centers routes. When i went to package driver school at SW center i saw how small and the lack of multiple shifts there they only have a preload and twilight sort.

    At a hub you will have the opportunity one day to get a combo job when open, revenue auditors, different sorts to pick from based on you life changes and of course the motherload... FEEDERS(I'm a part time feeder shifter) at smaller center very few runs extremely high seniority levels.

    To sum it up i would go hub for the opportunities but if you want to be a package car driver possibly for life talk to you wifes cousin and he will tell you about it that small center.

    plenty of people live happy package car lives :happy2:
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    Yeah we talked about that he said it took him 4 years to become a driver but after hurricane Katrina they were trying to bump anyone to driver but all the dudes who had seniority there was under 21. So they hired people off the street.
  14. pickup

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    I looked at Harvey La on a map and found that it is a stone's throw from New Orleans., just a few miles. I assume that you Jesus Saves left there because there was little opportunity esp due to the flood and its aftermath, and did like a lot of people did and went to Houston. Why would you come back? Don't you know that when you flee Sodom , you do not look back nor should you go back? There must be something pulling you back to that spot. Best of luck to you Jesus saves.
  15. pickup

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    I would refrain from borderline blasphemous posts such as this . Most people just have to deal with karma but you , as a delivery driver also have to deal with package carma. (bad carma such as you have generated here with your post may result in flat tires, missorts, and cranky customers) . By the way, feeder drivers have it worse, they have to deal with truckma
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    We just moved to Houston from Marrero,La ( Its right next to Harvey) to try to make a better life for me(26 years old) my wife(23) and my two little kids (2 years and 5 months) We moved out here because my wife mother doesn't not work and she said she would watch the kids while we go back to school and work, but when we moved out here things started to change. My wife works for home depot so she doesn't have a set work schedule. Her mom decided to get a job and said since she work at a daycare she don't feel like watching our kids because she be around them all day, btw she only work 4 hours a day. So I said instead of going to school and working I will try out ups and if I reach driver she didn't have to work and she can go to school fulltime. We all know that when you start off at ups you have to work two jobs just to make ends meet and I tried to do that but the only time I could work is when my wife didn't have to work but since she didn't have a set schedule that was extremely hard to set my schedule off at my other job. I was working up to three shifts a night when I can but it because a problem with the her parents because the twilight shift would start at 6:20 and I had to leave the house at 5:30 in order to get there on time (Houston traffic)We put my 2 year old is daycare but we didn't have enough money to put our son in daycare. So I could only work for ups midnight shift in Houston since I didn't have no one to work the kids during the later part of the day since my wife would get off from 7 p.m to 9 p.m. So after this christmas holiday I told my wife this won't work for us because in a few days we have to find our own apartment and we won't be making enough money to pay it out. So we moved back to Louisiana where all of my family live. My mom doesn't work and we have alot of other family members who can watch the kids while we work and get out own apartment. Before we moved out here in Houston we were living decent getting anything we wanted to get etc. So now that I love working for ups i'm going to work a monday job from like 6 a.m to around 4:00 p.m and I hope I can get on at that Harvey Hub so I can work from 6:30p.m to like 9:30 p.m ( I checked the hours) If I were to get on at the new hours hub with all the traffic I would have to leave about a hour early just to make it on time.
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    I was somewhat joking about the sodom remark before (somewhat :wink2:) but your explanation makes a lot of sense. Like I said before, best of luck to you and I will pray for you ( not getting on my knees sort of thing, but I will send good thoughts out)
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    Ok here's what you do it worked for there's hope.... Go at the beginning shifts and ask to talk to the HR person directly....if not there ask to talk to a manager on that shift.....if that doesn't work ask the guard for an application. If you keep bugging the crap out of them they know you won't leave them alone they will either eventually talk to you or hire you one.....I got hired I bugged them everyday for 2 weeks. I too work at a smaller hub. I had previously taken the hr class and had done my info online awaiting them for 3 months after the constant nagging them Mon-Friday for those few weeks I was in. Been there 6 months now
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    Thanks man i'll try that also :D
  20. jesus_saves

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    Okay for some reason the systems in New Orleans still thought I was working in Texas but the Hr rep went up to corporate and finally got me a new application in because the one I put in last month said I was still an employee. So now I have to wait for new appointments to come up and I bet this take forever. Well wish me luck guys I can't wait to start up at ups again.