Is my Progression date correct?

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  1. ihateloading

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    My first day of work was July 26th, 2018. I work in Local 705 (CACH)

    I was looking at the impact statement on Upsers and it says my progression date will be Aug. 1st, 2019. I know August 1st is when we were supposed to have a contract, but Shouldn’t my progression be the same date that I started?

    The Q&A section on there says that if your progression/seniority date is wrong to tell a Supervisor and I just want to make sure that I am correct first that my progression date should in fact be July 26th

  2. silenze

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    The impact statement is wrong for almost everyone.
    I don't think 705 has even voted on their contract yet.
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    Impact Statement? Are we removing an inground oil tank or loading Amazon crapola?
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  5. Shift 2

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    I believe your progression is either the day you started or the day after you made your 30th day. You were actually grandfathered into the old contract since they didn’t pass the new 1 yet. I maybe wrong so do your own research but that’s what I read in the southern supplement
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    Cache isnt part of the NMA. They have their own Master and are not considered part of the bargaining unit to the UPS National Master. Completely separate contract.
  7. opey

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    that impact statement is bs and wrong anyway, it doesnt calulate the amounts correctly.

    your seniority date should be your first day that you went to the training class. you should be able to find it elsewhere on upsers
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    :censored2: didn’t know that
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    It's only a few days, no biggie .
  10. Netsua 3:16

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    My senority date is the first day I started drive school, and it correlates such on UPSERS
  11. Rack em

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    Check your supplement. In the west it is the first day you start to qualify.