Is NASCAR Worth It?

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by wkmac, Aug 20, 2002.

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    Found this on

    "NASCAR on ABC's "World News Tonight" Tuesday: Tuesday [Aug 20th] night's edition of ABC's World News Tonight will feature: "The cost of sponsoring a NASCAR car has climbed from $4 million just a few years ago to as much as $20 million today. Is it worth every penny for advertisers?"(MotorsportsTV)(8-20-2002)"
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    My personal opinion is "No", but I have to consider that I am not into racing. I have always wondered why UPS sponsors a sport many find dis-tasteful. Such a loud, dangerous sport.
    JMO, so keep your fingers off the trigger please.
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    I dont think so. Its a big "sport" in the South, but not so big in the rest of the country. Just something we'll drop in a few years (kinda like the Olympics)!

    Do all those beer drinking rednecks really ship enough parcels to pay for UPS s sponsorship?
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    over9five......I think all the "beer drinking rednecks" do a lot of ordering from the Home Shopping Network.
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    "beer drinking rednecks". Didn't need to check this profile to determine that a D.Y. wrote it. Didn't they tell you? We now wear Guici loafers without socks. Easier to use those fancy foot washers in these high falooten eating establishments.
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    Hmmmmm! D.Y. ?????
    Could it be Disabled Yeoman?
    Could it be Delirious Yogi?
    Could it be Desirable Yenta?
    OR is it Damn Yankee???

    I've heard of ball washers on the golf course, but never foot washers in restaurants.
    Seriously, I appreciate your sense of humor. Thanks for the laugh. (moreluck)
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    Nice responce! This D.Y. appreciates the humor too!