Is the earth really a sphere?

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Is the earth a sphere?

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  1. SeniorGeek

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    So Why Do Some Of Us Believe Scientists when they will say anything to protect their own....

    Instead, let's reason it out for ourselves:

    1.) Lightwaves travel through Space, but the very definition of a wave makes it impossible to travel through nothing - so Space is something. "Ether" is the name that was given to this substance when its existence was proven long ago.

    2.) If the earth were moving in an orbit, ether would produce some resistance and slow the orbit until it is unstable. After the billions of years that Scientists say the earth has been orbiting, it would have slowed enough to crash into the sun.

    3.) In 1887, two American scientists, operating under the assumption that the Earth was moving through outer space and not the fixed center of the Universe, conducted an experiment to "prove" whether or not The Ether actually existed.

    In this experiment, the general idea was to try to calculate the absolute speed of the earth relative to the ether. In a sense, they would emit a light pulse, and calculate how far it "trailed" behind the earth, much like tossing a napkin out the window of a moving car to calculate the car's speed. This method is used to measure how fast a star is moving away from the earth. If ether did not exist, the light would not be able to travel through space. If ether existed, the light pulse would be slowed in one direction, giving the physicists a tangible "absolute" speed of the earth. Their calculated speed: Zero. The earth is stationary.

    4.) The United Nations was created to take over as a world government (once Isaiah 60:20 is fulfilled - the "sun shall no more go down"). The plan was to reveal that the earth is flat, and that sunset and sunrise are illusions. For evidence of this, look at the TRUE world map that is the UN's symbol. If FDR had not died before the UN became fully operational, he had been chosen to rule the world.

    FDR's death led to turmoil among the ruling elite of the world, and the superpowers could no longer agree.

    5.) According to "round Earth" theory, we are orbiting the sun at a radius of around five-hundred million kilometers. Were this the case, the Earth would be an accelerated object in circular motion around its sun. The Earth accelerating in circular motion would behave no differently than would a car taking a corner: loose objects (humans and animals) would act like loose change or a cup of coffee on the dashboard would slide around, or be thrown off completely. There would be an apparent centrifugal force on everything. During the day, when things would be facing the sun and therefore on the inside of the "orbit", buildings would be crushed and humans beings squashed like grasshoppers in a centrifuge. And at night, when everything would be at the outside, trees and buildings would be ripped from the ground and flung into outer space, and humans wouldn't stand a chance..

    6.) The main purpose of the space program is to perpetuate the myth that the earth is a sphere. Russia and the US wanted to rule the world, and a world government by the UN would not allow that. So Russia and the US started the "space race". Before the moon landings were faked by a bunch of scientists who were only interested in keeping their jobs or getting lavish grants, almost nobody believed the world is a ball.

    7.) The space shuttle exists to perpetuate the myth. After a few moon landings, enough of the populace had been fooled that the government thought the program could be dropped. But people started to suspect, so the space shuttle was created. The fact that it is an aeroplane makes it much cheaper to bolster the illusion. Edwards Air Force Base has become a motion picture studio, with a huge special effects budget.

    8.) If the world were round, the oceans should all fall "down" into the sky, leaving the planet dry and barren, and the atmosphere would simply float away. Why, just look at the moon. It is round, like a ball, and yet it has no atmosphere at all.

    Obviously, the world is static, the fixed center of the Universe. The sun, planets and stars all revolve around it (although not necessarily in circular paths), in a plane level with the flat Earth.

    The Dark Ages are now! Science exists only to enrich the elite classes. Science tries to control our lives by fooling us into believing things that our own eyes tell us can NOT be true! Scientists will do whatever it takes to continue to be paid enormous sums by the political and financial elite, and they aren't going to let the facts get in their way!

    Science is not important to our lives. The No Child Left Behind® Act made this perfectly clear - there is testing of English and Math skills, but none of the evil Science.
  2. moreluck

    moreluck golden ticket member

    re: # 8 What about gravity? We have more of it than the moon does.
  3. over9five

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    I'm convinced. The Earth is not a sphere.

    (And to think I once worshipped Carl Sagan)
  4. Sammie

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    In the Old Testament; Isaiah 40:22 "He sits enthroned above the circle of the earth." The original Hebrew for circle is "sphercity or roundness."

    Luke 17:30 -36 "It will be just like this on the day…" "…on that night".

    "Day" and "night" referring to the same hour and event - only possible on a sphere.

    The idea of a spherical earth was also well accepted in Greek society.

    Aristotle (384-322 BC) refers "old" knowledge - A circular shadow projected by Earth when it eclipses Moon.

    And how about Isaac Newton and his thoughts on gravity? When you drop a pencil, it lands on the floor, not on the ceiling. When a UPSer tries to pick up heavy package, he has to use force to pick it up...

    After that, Einstein also blew the Ether theory out of the water with his Theory of Relativity which holds that light travels at constant velocity regardless of the speed of its source.

    The universe is teeming with spheres; a marble, a basketball, a balloon, the sun, the earth. The earth is a variety of spheres - the rock sphere that you stand on, the water sphere (oceans, rivers, lakes), the biosphere (all things living),
    the atmosphere, and our celestial spheres (heavenly bodies).

    And there must be a reasonable explanation for one of NASA's many photographs -
  5. aspenleaf

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    Very interesting post! I don't believe it but I enjoyed reading it!
  6. satellitedriver

    satellitedriver Moderator

    Try a couple things. Go up in an airplane ,to about thirty thousand feet, and look at the horizon. It is curved. DUH.
    Take a stick 6 ft tall and stick it into the ground. Have a friend a thousand miles away do the same. Call him on your cell phone. You measure the shadow casted by your stick and the shadow of your friend at the exact same time. WTF, they are different. Simple math shows why. The earth is a sphere.
  7. cheryl

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  8. diesel96

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    History is not my best subject,but didn't Chritopher Columbus go over this with the queen of Spain?


    "Columbus believed that the world was round. Everyone else thought that it was flat. In 1492, Columbus finally overcame the objections of the bigoted church leaders of Spain, who believed the world was flat because the Bible said it was. Columbus got the backing of Queen Isabella on the sly, behind King Ferdinand's back. Perhaps there was some romantic infatuation or dalliance. In any event, Queen Isabella pawned her jewels to raise the funds for Columbus' three ships and off he went. His epic voyage of discovery was one of the crucial steps in mankind's throwing off the superstitions of the dark ages."

    Let's start with the theoretical idea that the world is round. Columbus was not the first to conceive it. Among the ancient Greeks, Aristotle, Strabo, Eratosthenes, and Ptolemy all wrote that the earth was round. Ptolemy's work on geography had been the standard text at European universities since its rediscovery early in the 1400's. Eratosthenes had calculated the size of the earth about 250 b.c. (within 10 percent of the actual value) and his works were widely known in Europe.

    Columbus was familiar with the Greek geographers. But beyond the ancient Greeks, there are a multitude of practical everyday experiences that confirm that the earth is round. All sailors know that as you watch a ship sailing away from you, it goes "hull Earth which recounts how Eratosthenes did his measurements and calculations.

    The problem with this account is that almost none of it is true! In 1492, every educated man knew that the world was round. So did every ocean-going sailor. The "bigoted church leaders of Spain" did not oppose Columbus.

    Belief in a flat Earth is found in mankind's oldest writings. In early Mesopotamian thought, the world was portrayed as a flat disk floating in the ocean, and this forms the premise for early Greek maps like those of Anaximander and Hecataeus.
    Many theologians and biblical researchers maintain that writers of the Bible had a Babylonian world view according to which Earth is flat and stands on some sort of pillars. According to Dictionary of the Bible written by W. Browning "Hebrew cosmology pictured a flat earth, over which was a dome-shaped firmament, supported above the earth by mountains, and surrounded by waters. Holes or sluices (windows, Gen 7.11) allowed the water to fall as rain. The firmament was the heaven in which God set the sun (Ps 19.4) and the stars (Gen 1.14)"[1] Other theologians counter that the book of Isaiah alludes to the earth being circular or spherical (Isa 40.22).[citation needed]
  9. UPS Lifer

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    Wow! This thread is like listening to my sons and all their conspiracy theories! If you say sons will tell you, No that is what the government wants you to believe! LOL!

    I think I will send this to them...they will love it!!
  10. hair

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    Dude, two things. 1 gravity to prevent us from hurtling into space and B space, ether if you will is a vacuum that waves can pass through but interestingly enough doesn't cause friction. Interesting theory though
  11. Jones

    Jones fILE A GRIEVE! Staff Member

    Hey everybody, look up there! There's something going over your heads....

    Well, I thought it was funny, Seniorgeek :)
  12. brazenbrown

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    Jones, it's usually better not to say that stuff out loud, it makes you look silly.

    I still remember watching a Flat Earth Society debate in my high school years.

    Flat Earth Society
  13. tieguy

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    Did you say sphere?

    crap I thought you said spear.

    How do I go back and change my answer.
  14. Towely

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    It's not a's an oblate spheroid. :wink:
  15. SeniorGeek

    SeniorGeek Below the Line

    I had hoped this thread might last a while, so things would not get too quiet while I was gone. I am glad it entertained, since that was part of the purpose.

    Jones, I do not think it made you look silly, but you dead-ended the debate days before I returned!:sneaky2:

    The website that brazenbrown presents is a parody, but it is based on the real thing. The actual Flat Earth Society has trouble keeping their official website working...:lol:

    I suppose that, instead of this thread, I could have just asked a couple of questions:
    • Why do people who complain that scientists are motivated by politics resort to using political arguments (or scientists motivated by opposing politics) to attempt to show the science is wrong?
    • Whose idea was it to decide scientific matters by polling a populace with low scientific literacy?
    [Please do not take the low-scientific-literacy thing personally. The U.S. is close to the average of developed nations...but some say that is because we hire so many of the good scientists away from other countries. Embarrassingly, France consistently beats us in reading, math and science!]

    If I had put this in the Global Warming thread, it would have been too obvious. I even considered my original title for the thread too obvious: "Do we know what shape the world is in?".
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  16. trickpony1

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    I agree with Cheryl. The earth is an oblate spheroid.
    I saw a national news broadcast that said Mount Everest is not the highest point on Earth.
    Due to the centrifugal force at the equator, there is a mountain in the northern part of South America (forgot the name of the mountain) that is said to be 15 feet taller than Everest.
  17. Sammie

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    The more I think about it, Senior Geek has me convinced. The Sun and the Moon move around the Earth each day, and the Earth refuses to whirl, spin or gyrate, which makes Australians hang by their feet under the world...

    No wonder Russell Crowe's so cranky when he comes to America! :sneaky2:
  18. moreluck

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    If Aussies are hanging by their feet, then all the blood goes to their heads and that would mean there's none left for.....oh, never mind.:crying:
  19. brazenbrown

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    I wonder if viagra would work for that circumstance?

    Are there any Male Aussies "members":laugh: here on the browncafe that can tell us?:lol: