Is this scenario greivable??

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    PT EAM Air Driver here working out of the Central Region. My hub has 3 centers. I have almost two years of seniority. PT sups have been scheduling me off while less seniority upsers work. I average at least 2-3 days off a week, while they work 4-5 days a week. For the last month 1/2, this has been a reoccurring theme. About 2 days ago is when i took notice of a senority list in my center! Had no idea it was there because it camouflages so well with the other junk posted on the bulletin board. Took notice of the list and i had 4 people below me. 1 of those people work in another center. The other person is based out of same center as me, but works in another center quite often. Regardless of center, seniority rules correct?

    Can i greive the days where those two individuals worked and i didn't? (At least 15 days) I know those individuals worked because i took a hard look at the driver reports that are out on display the next day.

    Talked to Steward and he said that it is zero tolerance for that. Plan on giving him a call later.

    In addition, i feel my seniority date was altered to allow an individual to bump me (i had on car sup send an inquiry to HR to correct it) Isnt it as simple as your hiring date becomes your seniority date after you complete your 30 working days in 90 calendar days?
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    You answered your own question.
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    Now can we get a red tag for this!
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    Quit necroposting. This thread is two hours old.
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    It doesn't matter the age, I added something useful to the topic unlike the nefarious, post-derailing, necroposting crap you spout off.

    But thanks for bringing it to my attention!
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    It's been reported.
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    Big whoop!