Is This the Correct Retirement Info?

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  1. Wannaretire

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    I recently applied for my retirement, and I am not sure if I totally understand what the rules are.
    I am disabled, and was given a choice of disability, and being paid $200 less a month for another 10 years, and could receive my back pay since 2007. Or could receive my retirement now, and continue until after 65 and on..... according to them it won't be that long.
    I started working at UPS in 1986 as a package car driver. In 1989, I was hit by a truck and received a cracked vertebrae, and could not go back to package, so UPS would not let me return to work at all. I did not quit, nor did they fire me, and Tennessee passed a law where an employee could return to work in another job if they had been injured, so I bid on a feeder job and came back in 1995. I stayed there until an accident at work left me with a head injury and the doctor said I could no longer drive, and UPS fired me in 2007. They are telling me that $850 a month is what I will be drawing.

    With the 3 years of service before the injury at work, then it was 5-6 years they refused to let me take another job, then back for another 12 before they fired me. Does the $850 sound correct? I am afraid not to double check on what I have been told.
  2. oldngray

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    Good question and looks like a complicated situation. $850 is very possibly correct but I can't say for sure.
  3. Wannaretire

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    Thanks oldngray. I was wannaretire long before I was "disabled-n-could-n-enjoyit." Ha-ha! I thought I found a ruling that changed the break in the period of time you missed and I cannot locate it again. I felt someone here would know the rule and I could stop digging so hard to find the information.
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    Which pension fund?
  5. brownmonster

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    Wow. Just wow.
  6. brown bomber

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    sounds like you should be eligible for Social Security Disability also, along w/ your retirement package
  7. Ms.PacMan

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    Not sure where he went but...

    The 3 original years is likely too few to be vested in any pension plan.

    So they are offering you almost 6 years of pay (07-until now) plus $650 a month disability for 10 years or $850/month pension for life?

    How old are you?
  8. brownmonster

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    How do you get hit by a car while in package and then finally come back and get a head injury while in feeders?
  9. Wannaretire

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    Yes, I am on disability with a head injury that caused Dystonia that effects my head, neck back shoulders and both hands. I also have double vision now. The accident was caused at work and received WC treatment for a short period of time afterwards, but even though they sign a contract through a judge stating they will treat you a life time, just give them a short time, and they will have someone out of state to re-diagnose you with something else and they stop all treatment. This person never sees you. You can take them to court, but they will change the diagnosis again.
    I am 55 now.
    I would be in the UPS/Teamsters Pension fund through Central States.
    I was hit by an asphalt truck that fractured a vertebrae. They called and asked me what I was going to do. They told me I could not come back. I was definitely not going to quit, thinking something would change where I could go back. At the time I was wearing a plastic removable upper body cast/support. It was miserable, but I had to correct my back. I wore it a long time, then as I got better, I started exercising with a ski machine in very small movements, and did it for many years, and it made my back strong and the muscles around my spine grew stronger too. It gave me very little problems. I was told that Tennessee passed a law a few years later, where if you were injured in one job, and could not do it, that they had to let you come back in another. UPS had not fired me to my face as they do, so I was not sure, but still continued to get mail. 5 years later I went to the Union hall and they told me that I was still employed, and the president told me that a feeder job was being put up as we were speaking and to go sign the sheet. I did, and I got it. So that is how I returned to work.
  10. Wannaretire

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    Ms. PacMan, yes, they are offering me $650 or disability until I am the age of 65, plus the back pay of $650 a month since 2007. Or I can start drawing $850 now and forever.
  11. Monkey Butt

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    I assume these two amounts are actuarially the same but one thing to consider is the inflation rate.
    That 850$ now becomes $425 ten years from now and $212 twenty years from now.
    I would be tempted to take the $40000 now and invest it but be honest with yourself if you will leave it alone.

    I would definitely go the Soc Sec disability route.
    You should apply immediately to establish a start date.
    If in the future they put you on disability, it pays back to your original date.
    they will deny you the first time - guaranteed!

    Good luck!
  12. Wannaretire

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    The Union hall called back and stated that I all had been paid under the contract when Teamsters/Central States had the full retirement/disability, and they should be paying it. The contract was signed after I was disabled. Seems if UPS could throw that back on the Union, they would have. I called the Retirement Dept last week to see if this was over looked, but they are not returning my phone call.
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    you guys are giving me the creeps. 6/18/13 blew my back out on the clock. called it in finished the day went to comp. dr and was told that my preexisting degenerative disk disease was the problem. MRI showed blown out disc above the problem area. now just waiting to see Legal Dr but can't get in till 10/3/13. FMLA will have already run out. today sent in for my STD. :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: back is not getting better in the mean time. hurts like hell in the hips and legs. give me some good news dog. Other than they can't fire me for 5 yrs.
  14. BrownTie

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    Wannaretire, Did you get any money from the Aspalt Trucking company as a result to your injury?. I am assuming that you were hit while driving or delivering on the Job. You may have been entitled to an insurance claim do to lost wages as well as physical disability.
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