Is this true???

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    I have a 64oz. cup that I fill with either Tea or Water throughout the day. I was told today that if I get water it's okay, but if I fill it with anything else I'm supposed to count that time as break time.:surprised: I was told the same thing about the food that I bring along and eat throughout the day before and after lunch. I mean, I know you're not supposed to eat while you drive, but snagging bites from your sandwich before and/or after delivering/picking up???

    I use the the 64oz cup so I don't have to keep filling it up all the time. I also eat several small meals, (that don't interupt my flow), because that's what my body calls for as an athlete. Granola bars, home made sandwiches and such.
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    That's the same thing I do also. If i'm On an ojs ride I use my common sense I usally don't eat to much other than at lunch. I only drink water from bottles from my cooler due to I wouldn't drink the water in the po dung town I'm in. I also only pee in toilets on an ojs ride.
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    We are just told to hydrate. We have never been told it has to be only water. Why not Gatorade or something like that? I snack during the day too.
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    I haven't heard anything like this
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    yes thats true...must be counted as break time if its not water...crews of supervisors are out checking cups /bottles far 9 drivers have been fired in my building...also 6 other drivers were fired for having bottles larger than 16.9 fl oz in cupholder...its a large crackdown--so the 64 oz rule makes perfect sense ....8 other drivers were fired for drinking non-h2o fluids in the back of the vehicle to avoid the rule and were caught on video smiling as their thirst was quenched...they also said to not count as lunch,sandwich must be cut iinto no bigger than 1 1/2 inch pieces-no more than 2 pieces alloed per selection area...guys its hot wake up
  6. dilligaf

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    This is freaking ridiculous. I've never heard of such an assinine thing.:knockedout:
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    Surely you jest...
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    I read somewhere that anything over 60 oz. is not allowed by the DHS & TSA for UPS Drivers.

    Don't look behind You, but there may be some clandestine vehicles back there
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    What next?
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    Now they're dictating what size cups you can have. I guess all you women with DDs are out of luck.
  11. grgrcr88

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    Ask them what your supposed to do if you run out of break time, HEAT STROKE?
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    Telle me it ain't so!!!!
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    Sorry, but I'm not buying it.
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    Not only that but there are many rtes where a driver might be away from services (IE: gas station) for hours on end. What are we supposed to do, take a dozen 16 oz water bottles with us? I could go through a 16 oz bottle in a few minutes.
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    It's an a cup or nothing around here.
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    They are taking all the joy out of life! At least we still have the summer time views. They can't take that away. :wink2:
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    Who told you this Steve? And is it a district wide thing or just some over-zealous manager thinking he can squeeze a couple more stops out of you. I smell a "two week plan." This will only last until the next edict comes down the pike.
  18. dilligaf

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    I agree Helen. Flavor of the day.............................:sick:
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  20. soberups

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    Sounds to me like some pinhead from corporate had a bright idea and wrote a memo.

    Apparently there is still some dead weight hanging around in the management ranks, even after the 1200 that were let go last month.