Is UPS going broke?


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I guess we have to buy our own pens now?
Maybe Atlanta gave themselves too much bonus this year!


Gravy route
Use a grease pen from preload if they won't supply pens. See how they like that on 8 hour requests, vacation sheets and call tag send agains.


You want a toe? I can get you a toe.
Mechanics can't order parts either.

This must all be part of the "transformation"

No uniforms, pens or spark plugs.
It “worked” at the end of q4 cutting all costs to make numbers look better. Probably just trying to do the same thing q1. If you need uniforms or pens just file a grievance.


Fight the power.
My bag had wheels on it since I had all of my catchers equipment in there but I don’t know why you’d need a wagon lol
Yep. She has one of those. And she carts her own s*. I got a yeti with wheels on it. And the 10 by 10 pop up tent has a strap I cary on my shoulder. Some how my wife is saying we need one this year ?? For the 3 chairs ??? Lmfao.