Is ups really worth it?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by DepressedUPSER, Nov 27, 2018.

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    Maybe now you can afford to get your sissy locks cut.

    He can't think straight, he has blonde hippie hair that gets in the way of his brain functioning.
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    Just become a cop. All you need is a 2 year degree.
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    Anyone else noticing the similarities between a lot of these threads?
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    Great again like pre civil rights era great? IMO we have it pretty damn good now, at least compared to any time in US history, and compared to most other nations in the world. This is the only country in the world where you can go to one store to buy a TV, groceries and a shotgun.
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    That is sad, not, great
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    Answer remains the same...fook no
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    you are not far from fascism. you are very few terror attacks away from turning into a police state.

    america was much better in 1960s 1970s.
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    Yeah things were a lot better

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    hedges says things are worse for blacks now than back then.

    economically its gotten worse for everyone, so hes probably right.
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    edit: self-deleted since this isn't the Current Events forum.
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    The question is if UPS is worth it or not. My 2 cents is that it is your personal situation. I left management after 15 years with other large fortune 500 companies. I have an engineering degree and now drive a UPS truck. Where I am at, a good-size medium city in the Mid-Atlantic, I make as much as just about anyone in middle management with an engineering degree. About $100k / yr.

    My parents still look at me sometimes like WTF am I doing. UPS management is a pathetic heap of hooting and hollering incompetence, and by and large no one cares much about the delivery guy. If I dwell on that fact that I am not using my education and not doing anything "earth shattering" to change the world, then yes it can get to you. No one really has a deep conversation with the delivery guy.

    HOWEVER: My bills are paid! My family has the best insurance. We are wealthy now and will be multi millionaires when I retire. I do not care about emails, meetings, politics at the office, etc. My vacations are first class all the way. When out with friends and family, they look bewildered how I can travel, always have cash to pay for dinners, etc. and have a really nice house, etc. etc. It's like most people grasp for some type of need to be in control of something or put on some type of BS lifestyle that they are always important or successful.

    Bottom line: It took me until I hit 40 to be happy with my life and the way I want to live. UPS provides that lifestyle that works for me. If you can really look past the UPS BS, which many can not, UPS is a great career where you can be very successful and wealthy and provide for your family.
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    Well said. You think being a truck driver was my life long dream? Hell no, but being able to afford pretty much anything I want and being able to take care of my family is my life long dream. You’re going to put up with a lot of crap and it’s a thankless job but at the end of the day, UPS takes really good care of me and my family. What more could you want?
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    UPS is worth it if you are single and don't want a life
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    Less bodies on the South and West sides and you could actually watch a movie in theaters