Is UPS work experience a good resume builder?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by 360waves, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. 360waves

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    Sorry for all my career oriented postings and such, i was just wondering if 3 years package handling would be just as good on my resume as lets say..2 years package handling and 1 year supervision on a resume for another company? This is of course after a degree is attained.

    I was asking to see if i should have just went into supervision earlier in my stay here to gain experience, and if it makes a huge difference when other prospective employers look. From some i have heard that the job experience at a company as fast paced at UPS is good in its own right without supervision experience, and from some i have heard that a supervision position on a resume is one of the best resume builders out there.
  2. trplnkl

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    I would say it would depend entirely on the company that you are interviewing for and what they have in mind for the person they hire. If it is a company that likes to promote from within, I would say the supervision experience would be a good thing to have. If they are simply wanting someone to fill a position, the it may not matter one way or the other.
  3. raceanoncr

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    Yep, trp is right! Here's my goofy view of this. Other companies look mainly on your stability. You worked 3 yrs on same job with no strikes? Good job!

    In most companies, even a degree doesn't mean squat! Why? Well, most only care if you have ANY degree. They don't care what it's in. The mere fact you got a degree shows you had some fortitude and some stamina.

    You wanna become a supe here? Well, it ain't gonna hurt but I don't think a p/t supe is gonna help that much on a resume also. I don't think long-term companies care if you're a short-term supe.

  4. KidUPS

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    I can't speak for all part time supervisors here but some of the responsibilities I have taken on would look excellent on a resume in my honest opinion. I think for the most part, many part time supervisors in operations deal with these things. Some, more then others. But just a list a responsibilities that can be bullet points per say on a resume. (Just a brief rundown)

    * Supervising an operation of X amount of employees in servicing/package handling a unset amount of volume.
    * X amounts of weeks in a certified supervisor training course paid for by the company.
    * Experience and training in dealing with employee issues and concerns.
    * Timecard and payroll management.
    * Experience working with Union employees.
    * Experience handling employee issues such as attendance problems with Union representatives.
    * Experience working with HR is resolving employee issues.
    * Experience working with Loss Prevention (security) in matters pertaining to employees and co workers.

    These are some of the few things that I am certain most supervisors must deal with. I could add a few more things but you get my point. Being a supervisor for UPS can be a powerful tool on a resume in my honest opinion.
  5. trickpony1

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    * Experience in the use of the Latin language.
    It's "per se", not "per say".

    You may want to confirm this with your favorite dictionary website.
  6. KidUPS

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    Being a supervisor, you are expected to be above the board on everything. Especially at a company like UPS. Holding employees accountable means holding yourself accountable twice over.

    * Experience dealing with crap. Strength: I would say builds Backbone, per se.
  7. ih8tbrn

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    Nice thought, unfortunately it isn't reality.
  8. KidUPS

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    In some cases, I could not agree more, Brn. But in other cases, I have learned and gained a lot of respect for some supervisors who always seem to be above board and garner respect from their employees and managers alike. No one is perfect. But I would be hesitant to take away from some because of a few bad apples.
  9. pickup

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    I agree with what you said about a degree. Let me just add a high school degree was considered sufficient many many years ago for jobs that now require a degree. Due to the non existent standards behind many current high school diplomas, a college degree requirement is to ensure that the holder of the degree can at least read, write, and do basic math. Which is what you once could have assumed of a high school diploma holder
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    First of all, I admire you for planning your future now instead of waiting for it to happen. I believe companies look at individuals and their past experience as a as a true reference to their needs. All companies want a hard working individual with people skills and accountability.

    I think you should consider PT management because it will show the company that you started at the bottom and your efforts were noticed to the point of being promoted into management. It shows the company that management at UPS saw some qualities in you that they will hopefully see also.

    I have always thought that a college degree will give you the information you need from reference books and instructors, but actual hands on experience dealing with people and being successful at achieving your results is the true indicator.

    Once you go into management, don't forget that it is the people that make you successful so treat them with respect. If you do this you will go far in any company.
  11. brownmonster

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    Any job at UPS would be looked upon favorably by someone doing the hiring at another company. UPS is well respected by others, even though those of us on the inside sometimes wonder why.
  12. evilleace

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    I think becoming a sup earlier in your UPS career would have helped more the only reason I can see it hurting is a company wondering why you left so soon after being promoted but management experience is always a good thing.
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    Thanks for all the replies guys.. i am considering all of this..I am not naive to the fact that just because i attain a degree it means i will automatically get a good job. I planned on keeping my UPS job as long as possible upon graduation. I wouldn't mind going into FULL TIME management with UPS, but i definitely dont want to be stuck as a PT supe for years like alot of individuals at my Hub are, so i want to keep my options open. I will have been at UPS for almost 4.5 years when i graduate a year from now.