Is weather delaying planes?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by jrdrummer, Dec 23, 2007.

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    I have a package on its way to me from Edison, NJ going to Iowa. It was shipped 2nd day air on Wednesday Dec. 19. It is now Sunday and I don't have it and the tracking info has not updated since friday. It says it's in transit from New Jersey going to Des Moines, Iowa on Friday but has no arrival in Des Moines. There is no scheduled delivery date at all on the tracking page... it simply says "In Transit". We have had severe fog and an ice storm last night but Des Moines probably didn't get hit as hard. I live along the Mississippi river. Is the weather to blame? I can't find ANY information about my package anywhere. I am building a computer and I am waiting for the very last items in one package for it. This is VERY irritating.
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    Don't forget UPS system will take Saturdays and Sundays off. I think the shipper shipped your package on Wednesday but it was picked up on Thursday. It will be delivered on Monday. Don't worry!
  3. Its a conspiracy, if you will ask Package Smashers he will tell you its somewhere in Missouri getting auctioned off.
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    When you track your package, click on details and that will give you each individual scan. It will also tell you when it was actually picked up by UPS ( some shippers like to lie) and should give a delivery date. Hope this helps.
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    waether is just a part of the delay. Sorts going down an hour late, drivers coming in past unload times, and preload not getting the trucks loaded in thime are all part of the major chain reaction in UPS that slows things down for everyone.
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    I believe des moines has a two day air sort smaller then but similar to DFW. Judging the date and destination there is a good chance the package is moving by sleeper team straight to des moines which would explain why you don't have an arrival yet. I'm guessing a sunday sort sometime today?

    I believe a missing delivery date on the tracking info means the shipper has not uploaded the initial shipping information yet.
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    This is VERY irritating.[/QUOTE] I delivered a couple of standard packages from Canada to a customer that called our tracking system scans a fantasy. I knew this going in because the OMS told me of her conversations with him. I played stupid (not hard to do) when he came to the door and asked me why the shipment took so long. Some of the export documents where still on the pkg and the time in transit was perfect considering the lack of movement on Christmas Eve & Day. His comment was I guess the shipper should have used 2nd Day Air (Expedited) to get it here before Christmas. I just agreed & left! I called the OMS & told her how the guy then blamed the shipper! Why did everyone wait till the last minute?