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  1. To be clear...

    The IIO Office (former IRB) may or may not investigate without funds being involved. Theyll probably call your local BA and maybe that contact may be enough to get someone's mind right. If your representatives are dishonest, company sympathizers, or just have a bone to pick with you (and you have been totally forthright in what you've posted here) get ready to fight for a few years or until they're unseated.

    Either fight the (alleged) corruption or keep your head down. Those are your choices.
    Maybe Big Union Guy will help you out. He "reads all my posts".
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    sorry-I couldn't resist
  3. Benben

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    Typed more than a few wise ass retorts to this one. but in the end the only response to this basically boils down to this................

  4. Go big or go home.
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    Someone said this before

    Get everybody involved in the same room and get to the bottom of
  6. BigUnionGuy

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    Sounds to me, like a soap opera.

    And today.... on "As the Parcel Turns"

    15 year member, that doesn't know the difference between Stewart and Steward ?

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  7. The autocorrect on my devices changes steward to Stewart often. Probably programmed in a RTW state.

    It's always a soap opera. Hence the militant attitude of folks who actually care.
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  9. BigUnionGuy

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    It would be over, because neither one is a gangster.

    A word.... that has lost all meaning.
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    You better respect my gangster pal
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    It’s against the rules to post self pics bug. Please follow the rules. Thanks.
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    Not everyone went to you did. Lol.
  15. Days

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    I usually refer to top management as “these people”.

    I don’t give specifics. These people have no idea what they’re doing. These people are completely out of touch. These people don’t care etc.
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    And, some little :censored2: part-time management puke makes you jump

    through hoops. :biggrin:

    You are....

    What ?
  17. What'dyabringmetoday???

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    I am not an arrogant slob that....bites the hands that feed him. Now hurry up and spend some dues money.... on pizza and wings. Lol.
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    Don't worry.... your dues money can afford better than pizza and wings.


    I gotta ask you this:

    How would you know if your BA is spending dues money on meals ?

    There are requirements, for him/her to use the Union credit card on meals

    and certainly you wouldn't be able to observer this.

    You do know the IBT audits every Local every 5 years (going back 5 years)

    and, elected officials can be forced to reimburse the Local for unauthorized

    expenditures ? But.... you knew this. Right ?

  19. rod

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    Look up Tard in the dictionary and this is what shows up.
  20. What'dyabringmetoday???

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    Not sure what "my BA" has to do with....this. I guess I struck a nerve with Big Bad Union Man. I like how you explain the fox watching the chicken house. Stop pretending.
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