IT layoffs and force-outs kept quiet

Discussion in 'UPS Information Technology' started by BrownDoesNotCare, Jan 18, 2010.

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    I would like some comments on why IT layoffs were not made public. Corporate made an annoucement a couple of weeks ago that it will layoff 1,800 people.

    Why is IT exempt from this? I know of several people in the past year or two that were laid off or forced into retirement on bogus job performance.

    How does the IT management team sleep at night?

    Comments/venting welcomed.
  2. BrownDoesNotCare

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    Re: IT layoffs and force-outs kept quite

  3. TechGrrl

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    IT dumped their deadwood last August....go back and check the threads. Based on names I heard, some innocent bystanders got caught as collateral damage, but most were the bottom 10% and should have been gone long ago.

    The sleeping at night part comes after their latest attempt at outsourcing to India flops as miserably as the last several.
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    No company releases press releases saying they are getting rid of poor performers. Who knows if the performance measurements were accurate or not? If not, I suppose those folks could get a labor lawyer.