It Pays To Wait For UPS To Recover

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    It Pays To Wait For UPS To Recover - Investopedia

    Shares of United Parcel Service, which bills itself as the world's largest package delivery company, continue to reel as business and consumer activity has slowed dramatically in what has proven to be a very challenging economic environment. This has led to significantly lower levels of package and shipment delivery, which happens to be the bread and butter that keeps UPS ticking. Yet, despite the depressed activity, UPS continues to build out its global infrastructure, and will come out of the current downturn as strong as ever.
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    Yes, UPS continues to recover and see modest gains all this on the backs of UPS workers in particular drivers who are currently working long hours with a heavier work load.


    x2 well said..
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    The problem I see here is that UPS won't learn from its mistake. If it did then it would have learned from the great depression of the 1930's. It would have learned from the recession of the 80's. Instead it just keeps trying to get bigger and bigger too fast for itself. It's the employees (including mid level and low level management) that suffer, not the upper crest of management.

    UPS will come out of the funk by going big again but how many good, hard working, loyal employees will it have lost because of it?